The Ingredients:-

3 brinjals (cut long into two)
- Shallots & garlic(pounded)
- Curry leaves
- Cinnamon & star anise
- Curry powder mix with 1 table spoon of blended dried chilli
- Coconut milk
- Kerisik (roasted coconut paste)
- Salt & sugar to taste


1. Heat the oil in a pot and fry the pounded ingredients, curry leaves, cinnamon &
star anise until fragrant & golden brown
2. Add curry paste. Stir thoroughly. Leave to simmer until dry then add kerisik.
Stir few minutes
3. Add coconut milk, salt & sugar to taste. Leave to simmer.
4. When the coconut milk is simmering, add brinjals
5. Cook until the gravy has thickened over a slow heat
6. You'll know it's cook when a layer of oil floats on the surface
7. Ready to serve!

psttt! Pajeri is kind of sweet dish, so don't be afraid to add more sugar :-)
Other than brinjal, you also can use pineapples or "kedondong"..emm yummmy