Jul 31, 2008

The Odyssey (TO). A traditional Thai Massage centre at Tropicana Golf Club. I've got to know this place after my bestfriend Kaktah treated me with 2hrs thai traditional massage for a birthday present. WoW! that was my first experience with thai massage. Hemmm..incredibly surprising and totally different from Balinese massage. More energizing and rigorous than other classic forms of massage. Only one word could describe my wonderful feeling at that time "SABAI-SABAI".

Thai traditional massage is based on ayurveda dan yoga. It may be a bit harder than were used to. It's using pressure point by therapist body weight and stretching techniques to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness. Be prepared to be raised up high by the therapist just using her feets or knees and be twisted and folded up and down :-P

My tips during Thai massage -DO NOT tense up your body in order to fight the pressure of the therapist stroke. This can damage your muscles and cause unnecessary strain. Just relax and give yourself over to the therapist, only then she'll be able to freely manipulate your limbs to encourage blood, lymph flow and unblocking of blocked blood system.

Ever since my first visit, I had become a regular customer as once a while having this type of massage make me so relieve and my body feel so light especialy after long workout at gym.

Coming to TO? make sure to do a reservation and be there at least 10minutes before the session. Beside at Tropicana GC, they also have many other branches thru out klang valley like at One Utama, Mid Valley, Jusco Cheras and etc. You also can purchase their gift voucher with 3 months validity as a birthday present, special treat for mothers/fathers day, an affectioned touch for your wife of taking care the whole family or perhaps a farewell or retirement present for your office collegue :-) It's really a wonderful choice.

Aiming for good grass
Got It! emmmm...
Ouchhh! be careful..sharp grass...emmm yumm.yummm..

More and more grass please... I 'm almost finishing this

If I've no plans on weekend then cik misai will has a chance to go for picnic at the park. But must put harness on her or else she'll be too excited and could not find the way back :-P

After she escaped from my kitchen balcony few years back and went missing for 3 days, I have no trust for her at all. She's so smart and hiding behind her innocent cute face.
When cik misai goes out for picnic, it means eating grass time! She loves grass very much. Why cat or even dog eats grass? Aha! This is actually to help them in another important way - to cough up fur balls. This is normal and that is why some cats eat the grass in the first place - to induce vomiting. They have something that they don't agree with in their tummies, probably a hairball and grass somehow helps them puke it up!

Yep, that's another reason why cik misai needs grass. It helps her cough up fur balls that develop in her stomach as a result of all that grooming.
But must be careful though.. not all grass can be eaten by cat. Somehow only cat knows it :-P
cik misai looks confused and stressed up without grass..hahahahha

Jul 30, 2008

Do you do a regular workout? Maybe 30 minutes simple excercise daily? or jogging every weekend? Hemm...kind of lazy to do those right? :-P
In looking for a balanced lifestyle, I've decided to joint a fitness club- FITNESS FIRST. Well, it was quite a hard decision at first. Yeah, to spend some money monthly on gym membership whereas you can get zero charges if you jog at parks or at your housing area or use public gymnasium for free.
But does it motivates you enough to do a constant workout? I'll bet you will find a solid excuse not to jog today by saying tomorrow, the day after or end up zero turnout LoL :-P

That is what happenned to me. From S size myself slowly changed to M and and without a blink it was L!!! I admitted that I was less stamina, get tired easily & kind of stressed up at works on and off. Oh goshhhhh! I really have to do something.

I signed in myself as a member at Fitness First 2 years back and I 'm really happy with it.
Nothing has changed but the only thing is I'm a better person now :-)
Worries? not anymore. If I have to climb 14 floors of my building office, on foot miles and miles away exploring new places during my vacations or during my shopping! hahahaha

This club provides a complete facilities like showers, steam and sauna bath, changing rooms and lockers, hairdryers, free choices of hot & cold drinks, newspapers & magazines, CD/DVD rental and etc.
There are many classes scheduled thru out 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm like group excercise - BodyJam, BodyCombat, BodyAttack, BodyPump, BodyStep, Modern Dance, Yoga, Pilates, RPM and etc beside wide range of equipments for weight training and cardio excercise.

My favourite? of course 50minutes RPM class +10minutes strecthing (equivalent to +-15km). It is fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling class – the ultimate calorie killer. Start peddling and let go as the loud music of 7 track awesome songs and disco light takes you on the ride of your life along various terrains, speeds and intensities. Go at your own pace and enjoy a group exercise session full of motivation and sweat!

A warning for a first timer as this class will definitely kill you and damn tough but once you tried, I'll bet you'll get addicted to it like myself :-)

RPM uses specially designed bikes, recreating the endurance levels of sprinting on a flat surface to steep hill climbs without leaving the studio. The class is recognised as being incredibly effective for losing weight as well as an all over body workout. The short, intensive studio classes are ideal for those with time restraints. The nature of the programme is such that it provides a number of cardiovascular, muscular endurance and fat burning benefits and is the perfect antidote to those problem thigh and butt areas.

As of nowadays, a habit keeps me motivated to do some workout at least 3-4 times a week after working hours (if I'm not required to stay back) to ensure a healthy living style continues...

happy workout to all :-)

Jul 29, 2008

EVENING - Her greatest secret was her greatest gift.
Classified under International Screen by local cinema & released on July 2008. A story based on Susan Minot's bestseller and adapted by Michael Cunningham.
This movie is about a dying woman reflects on the time in her youth when she met the love of her life as her two daughters wrestle with their mother's impending death and their own personal issues.
A story of secret in the past, broken hearts, love and life of families, friends and lovers.
Acted by wonderful actresess Glenn Close, Meryl Streep & Claire Danes with backdrop of year 1955 and was filming around New York and at a wonderful beach house at Rhode Island, USA.

Actually, I've been waiting for this movie to be released once I read the storyline few months back while surfing the GSC site.
My tips - If you are not passion about life, love & family stories, this movie is certainly not for you as you'll find it's a kind of slow. Even though it is in English but no subtitle provided though ;-P
3.5star from me

Sex And The City the movie

Frankly speaking I've never follow SATC drama series only watched it occasionally. But it's already in my MUST WATCHMOVIE this year.

Finally it was released on 24.07.08. So, last Saturday I've got a chance to watch SATC with my buddies. WoW! great romance comedy movie. Ideal for couples, married or about to marry person but definitely not for kids..yeahh u know..the title itself reflects the storyline LoL

But it's still a good movie. Light, simple, happy but with a message..and what I love most about this movie is the clothing line wore by the Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Totally gorgeous and up to date. The dresses, shoes, handbags..ohhh goshh! Awesome!!!!

Certainly must watch movie of the year.

4.5star from me :-)

Jul 28, 2008

Selalu cikjah dengar laksa asam atau laksa utara kan... but have you heard of Laksa Lemak Utara?

This is my favourite! Local specialty in Kedah and royal recipe in my family. It's almost similar like Laksam or Kelantanese Laksa but of course lebih sedap! heheee

Namun, tak sumer orang Kedah pernah makan laksa lemak nie, nak jumpa di kedai pun susah. So kalo nak try cubalah masak sendiri. Pasti hebat!


2 ulas bawang kecil [tumisan]
2 ulas bawang putih [tumisan]
1 batang serai -ketuk [tumisan]
1 tangkai daun kari [tumisan]
1-2 kuntum bunga kantan
Daun kesom
5-8 keping asam keping/gelugor
Santan [1 biji kelapa]
Ikan kembong/sardin/selayang [8-10 ekor anggaran sesuai]
Garam dan gula

Yellow paste ingredients:

1 paket serbuk kari ikan
1 tsp serbuk kunyit

White paste ingredients [kisar]:

3 ulas bawang besar 
5 ulas bawang putih 
2cm lengkuas

Red paste ingredient [kisar]:

8-12 pcs cili kering  [buang biji dan rebus]
2 inches belacan
1 tbsp asam jawa

Notes: This recipe calls for 1 packet of laksa dan seperiuk kuah. Kalo lebih, agak-agak yer...

Isi ikan. Untuk kuah laksa best selalunya kami suka gunakan ikan kembong atau ikan sardin/selayang.
Ikan dibersihkan, direbus dan diasingkan isi dan tulang. Air rebusan ikan jangan dibuang. Orang rajin akan ambil kepala dan tulang ikan untuk dikisar hingga halus bersama air rebusan ikan. Tapis dan ambil jus ikan sampai tulang jadi putih. Jus tulang ikan itulah yang melazatkan lagi kuah laksa.

1. Tumis bahan tumisan hingga kekuningan dan wangi. Kami tak suka hiris bawang tumisan. Kami suka tumbuk kasar. Rasa lebih enak kot sebab bila tumbuk, bawangan tu mengeluarkan jus.

2. Gaul mesra yellow, white and red paste together dan masukkan ke dalam periuk. Masak hingga rempah agak kering dengan api perlahan.

3. Masukkan isi ikan. Kisar isi ikan dengan air rebusan ikan untuk mendapatkan isi ikan yang halus. Masak 5 - 8 minit supaya isi ikan mesra dengan rempah.

4. Masukkan santan, jus tulang ikan dan asam keping. Renehkan hingga mendidih. Bila sudah mendidih, masukkan bunga kantan, daun kesom dan perasakan dengan garam dan gula. Biarkan mereneh.

5. Kuah laksa siap bila dah pecah minyak. Yeyy!

Laksa dihidangkan bersama hirisan halus pelbagai ulaman. Antaranya timun, bawang besar, cili padi, bunga kantan, daun selom dan limau nipis.

Laksa sedap hebat tiada tandingan!

Aha! this is my favourite way of eating laksa lemak.  Makan laksa lemak bersama sambal ikan bilis. Sudah terbiasa makan macam nie sejak di kantin sekolah rendah lagi. Masa tu beli laksa sepinggan 2kupang, tambah sambal ikan bilis sekupang. Memang heaven! 

Dah masak banyak-banyak, antar sket untuk adinda.

Selamat mencuba. Gerenti best!!!

Jul 26, 2008

When in Bali few places are catogrized under MUST GO places:


Kuta is tourist attraction for fun and clubbing. Popular mainly among the young and adventurous and of course surfers! A bit chaos and busy city with tourist. But the beach is a good choice for a morning walk though. Number of hotels are located overlooking the sea along Kuta Beach Road. Some people do said that Kuta beach is dirty but to me nothing was wrong with this beach but definitely coudn't be compared with Perhentian, Redang or Tioman Island :-P


It is Bali's highland retreat, tucked into the crater of an extinct volcano, 1400 meters above sea level.LAKE BRATAN is definitely awesome! as well as abandoned Lake Buyan. This area is renowned for its fruit and vegetables. Do stop at CANDIKUNING Fruit & Veggie Market and make sure to have a fantastic buffet lunch with the magnificient lake view at MENTARI Restaurant for only RP60k per person. Their sate lilit is so delicioussss!


The villages of Kintamani and Penelokan give a view of the active MOUNT BATUR and its lake. Seven miles in diameter and sixty feet deep, the caldera of Batur is pretty impressive. Be sure the wheather is good or else u may come back dissapointly as the heavy cloud may hide the gorgeous mount away :-( Do bring along your sweater or shawl as the weather up here is so windy, cool & chill!


One of Bali's most important sea temples, Tanah Lot temple is built atop a huge rock, surrounded by the sea. The view is awesome! When I got there it was noon & high tide.
Tips - do not shop at the ticket entrance. Walk further down MORE & BETTER shops available!


A Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire and it is located in Mengwi Village about 18km north side of Denpasar town. It has wide beautiful landscape garden in front courtyard to welcome all visitors who come and visit this temple.


My favourite! Ubud is the art center of Bali. It's home to local and internationally prominent artists. Ubud today expands to other arts. You should not be surprised to run into a foreigner who happens to be living in Ubud, meditating or soul searching for his next book or poetry collection. Ubud has numbers of luxury villas faces the ricefields, great Ayung River and great place to pamper yourself, rest & relax and definitely for honeymooners.


Ubud Monkey Forest is occupied by 200 monkeys, pertained to long tail inclusive macaques or macaca fascicularis group. They will do no harm if you do not disturb them & they are so cute! Do treat them with bananas sold at the entrance. But be careful with all your belongings as they will act naughtyly sometimes :-P


It's time for rice paddy terasering view. It's so marvellous and gorgeous. Even though it just a terraces of rice paddy in the small valley, but it's something that u couldn't get anywhere else. Beautiful!


You must watch at least 1 dance performance! It's something unique, authentic and interesting. Each dance has its own story & characters. These dances either to be performed for the pleasure of the gods, prestige, or as an entertainment to friends and family. I've watched Kecak dance and as well as Legong. Legong is wonderful dance to watch as it is played by beautiful girls wearing colourful clothes.

At Ubud, there are several places you could enjoy a 2hrs dance performance and dances are held every night. Ticket price is average at Rp60k - 80k only.

Tips - Watch dance at nite time as it could save your daylight for other activities.

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