Because of the location exactly at the roadside opposite the Petronas station @ Merang, (where I used to stop every time on the way to Besut) it makes me think that one day why not to give a try check in at this resort.
Finally I did.

This resort own by an amazing and wellknown architect Raja Bahrain. The entire resort was beautifully designed, planned and it blends harmoniously amidst a charming fishing village and coconut grove. Located on the secluded coast of Merang this classical Malay Architecture inspired by the Sultan’s palace of ancient days. The Aryani offers 20 pleasant villas within lush and beautiful garden and walking distance to its private beach. Frangipani & beach palm trees were nicely planted in between villas, pool and restaurant.

All villas have balcony or terrace and come with outdoor open sunken bathtub to give a touch of romance and relaxing.

It was end of the year and monsoon season in East Coast states. So, the resort is extremely quite, peace & less people. The sea current started to become strong. The waves crashed on the shore loud & noise. The sea breeze blew heavily carrying the lovely ocean smell. It was totally great and I never care that I couldn’t swim at the beach at all. Probably because I was only looking for relaxation and tranquility.

Inclusive in my package was 1.5hrs traditional full body massage & scrub at Heritage Spa. The treatment was done in a private room in typical Malay old house overlooking the sea and end up with fantastic floral jacuzzi at the outdoor courtyard. Wow! Felt like Tun Teja for a moment :-P

Meals provided served in ala carte. Good food. I love the Nasi Dagang. Tasty and uniquely presented. Every morning, after breakfast I had a delightful morning beachwalk & laid down at the pool gazebo or just hanged out under the shady tree at the beach reading my story book. Once a while few local kids from nearby fishing village passed by the area laughing out loud and chasing each other...another bright sunny day to enjoy.
Realized that I were too lazy to walk to the restaurant for lunch, I just rang and got them to deliver my yummy "Aryani Fried Mee" and a glass of watermelon juice straight away to the beach:-) Huh! Fantastic and awesome! Hemmm…what a day.. wish this could happen everday :-P

There is no nightlife here unless you drive out to the nearest town or to KT. But it wasn’t a big deal for me. A lovely evening stroll on the beach after dinner was definitely wonderful to wrap up my serene beach day. Tomorrow will be another great day ...