Mar 23, 2009

Fuyoo!! slurp..slurrpp (kalo pose jangan tengok k ^-^*)
As usual, weekend cook - huh! makan ajer kerjanyer tau! masak makan, makan masak :-)
Actually, dah lama tingin nak makan fish head curry. Dok survey quite number of restaurants tapi tak pi pung...cibokk sana cibokk sini..Last2, masak sendiri...lagi best :-)
Sidap dah tentu...hikhikkhikk

The Ingredients:

Kebetulan pegi pasar ada jual Red Snapper. Fresh2 gitu..tak tahan melihat maka otak pun mula membayangkan resepi untuk hari ini :-)


Dah siap! Tak payah masak side dishes lain. Concentrate kat kari ajer..cukup kalo ada 1 vege + ulam timun + sambal belacan. ARghhhhhHHh!

Mar 18, 2009

Sawasdee krup
Kap kon krup
Masuk ikut tingkap
Nanti polis tangkap

Huh! Just return home from an awesome trip to Bangkok.
At first I do feel pretty reluctant to joint this trip…of course I did
When thinking about HALAL meal out there. Personally, there ain’t no holiday if there ain’t no good food!
Apatah lagi I’m the one that need to organize this big trip…Walleiii

Got this book from Thai Tourism office in KL. Inside here listed all halal restaurant in Bangkok. Paling pemes Jen Siew Al-Hilal (on the way to airport) & MakYah Restaurant. So I can breath easily now ^-^*

Again, I’ve organized a company trip and we had decided to fly to Bangkok. What?
I’ve been given 2 choices – Bangkok or Bali? Shopping or relaxing? Majority voted for Bangkok because they prefer shopping! ..and most everyone has been to Bali before...I love shopping…everyone loves shopping ^-^*
Who’s not?

Maka...pena pun mula menari-nari...

Bayangkan ajer, auda sekarang tengah menonton ”First Class All The Way”..
Ha! Lebih kurang camtu lah kesahnya. Walaupun ada travel agent to take care everythings but still it needs to be organized. It sounds damn easy but organizing is like dying men! :-P Yer lar kalo trip chek sendiri2, bulih suka hati but bila dah ramai2 ni, even small tiny details pun need to give attention. Apa2 pun BODs standard level need to be given priority. Hati kawan2 seopis pun kena jaga beb…tambah pula multi racial...Kalo sumer kakyam & abang mat tak per..senang citer...
Adalah menjadi hasrat chek sebagai a successful organizer (cheewahh), yang penting at the end of the day -A happy trip :-D yeah! (tu lar, dulu soh jadi event organizer tak mo)

It started with choosing the flight. This time flew with Thai Airways. Huh! kelasss tau…(BODs chek allergik ngan foker or airasia -puas nak kena pujuk kalo nak naik belon abang tony) Sebab tu some of nice places I have to take out from my list like Koh Samui, Berjaya Tioman..sbb foker flight :-P

Then followed by hotel. Tahapnya musti 5star hotel. Kalo tak, sure tak dapat approval. Maka Swissotel Le Concorde @ Ratchadapisek adalah pilihannya kerna amat berdekatan skali dengan MRT (subway) & BTS (skytrain) station. 3minutes walks. Senang nak kesana-sini because Bangkok traffic is terrifying!!! Perlu diingat ini adalah percutian seopis, bukan latihan polis traffic...hahahha

Everything went smooth and easy…alhamdulillah.Cuma sumer dok komplen tak cukup time nak shopping…hambhoiii depa! Bukan main lagi tau..tak hingat dunia shopping. 4D3N tu rasa macam 4jam 30minit jar..huh! Maklumlah bawa ribuan henget.

Covering Chatuchak Mall jer dah 1 day, sight seeing – again another 1 full day, MBK pun required 1 full day..habihnyer camtu ajer…walaupun exhausted but really fun leiii…hoyee..hoyeee…

Apa kesah, malam after dinner I pampered myself with fullbody oil massage…huh! So refreshing and cheap -2hrs @ RM80 jer…tapi maybe sebab chek dah selalu workout & stretching…walaupun dah di massage rasanya samer jer :-)
1 tip from me -bila dah penat2 shopping tu, while waiting for the flight home to KL I suggest you to have foot massage at Chang at Suvarnabhumi airport. 45minutes RM50…fuh! Fantastic!...all 4days walking pain totally gone! A little bit pricey but just wanted to finish out my Bahtssssss :-)

Bon Voyage!

Tahukah anda there is Long Term Parking at Blok A @ KLIA? Yesss...I'm sure many don't know about this. Decided to drive and parked at KLIA instead of taking cab or ERL. Almost the same cost. Daily rate is RM43/day. For more convenient, I drove there. Konsepnya ialah Minimum parking 3days + RM15/day. So kalo 4days artinya 43 x 3 = 129 + 15= RM144.

Ok whattt :-P

Ini mesti! requested Halal meal for muslim travellers and kid's meal for children.

My lunch on the flight -Yellow rice + beef rendang + mix veges

Airport transfer by our local ground agent

The hotel!...as the photos speak :-)

Where to shop in Bangkok?
Banyyaaaakkkkkk..on top of the list is Chatuchak Market (JJ market). It’s a weekend market open at 7am – 6pm. Sumer ada. Getting seriously chaos only at 10am and advisable to leave the market by 1pm. After 2pm onwards selautan manusia ada kat sana. Pretty hard to choose/bargain and even walk around. Tambah pulak panas terik. No air-cond ok.
Chatucak weekend market. Besar gilerzzz...standby yer tuan2 dan puan2 :-)
From hotel, I took MRT (RM2.70) and stop at Khampeang Phet Station. Right in front of Chatuchak market...so easy!
Chatuchak market floor map - jangan pusing ya! just walk..walk and walk...don't stop. Eventhough this market is open from 7am but all stall fully open only by 10am..Thais love to eat. If you walk into their shop, sure tengah makan punyer :-P

But shopping is definitely awesome! Cheap but don’t expect something in good quality. It’s Thai’s quality. Standard lah kalo dah 2-3 kali basuh pun dah koyak or faded..hihihii
Tapi just enjoy the market feel, follow the crowd, foot massage booths are everywhere and paling best – Coconut Ice Cream! Yummyyy…
Don’t worry for lunch, there is Halal stall near the Clock Tower in the middle of Chatuchak market. Mesti try Beef noodle soup and Iced Tea…fullamakkk!

I love this lorong...baju..baju...baju.. :-D

Dalam kehangatan terik mentari, tup-tup ada kedai ala2 English pulok...wahhhh!

Love this section -old/secondhand books. Bought few Sidney Sheildon @ cheap price.

Behind Chatuchak, about 10minutes walk is JJ Mall. Selling things like Chatuchak but in air-conditioned multi storey building. Slightly better quality.

Forget those upscale malls like Siam Paragon (like KLCC), Central World (like Pavillion), Erawan Shine (like Starhill) and etc…all selling international brand. Kat KL berlambak2 yer dak?

Second hot top place ialah MBK (Mah Boon Kroon)..Fuyyooo! similar like Sungei Wang..with small shops and small lorong. Penin tu nak pusing2. Satu hari lepak sini jer.
Some shops bulih guna credit card but some are not. A MUST go place!

Sampai sini, sure gilerrrssss…fashion diaorang ni dasat..yang penting murah :-P
Kalo bawa isteri, dinasihatkan untuk turn on GPS system. Kalo hilang senang nak cari :-D

Other than that are Pratunam Mall and Platinum Mall. Sini pun dahsat! Mahunya tak nak balik…iskk…iskk..

Siamese cat at Chatuchak...Demuk sangat! so cute :-)
Most of the cats (stray/resident) that I met along the way sumernya big size...eiiii geramm!
Another thing about Bangkok - hampir sumer public toiletnyer bersih tapi tak 'suci' sebab tak der ayaq! Huh! nightmare! yarcckkk!! of course the toilet looks clean sebab tak lecak ngan air. Tak macam kiter kat KL ni...So, pegi mana2 adalah dinasihatkan bawa container tak pun wet tisu...(macam baby plak..hihiii)

Pretty flowers @ Chatuchak

Vendor selling flowers for prayers.
Another MUST GO PLACE is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Awesome!
A bit far from Bangkok. 80km away or 2hrs drive...huh! jauh tu...but totally worth it!!!
Musti pegi! An unique experience that you can't get any where else. Believed me! Must go!!!
I've arranged a (10hrs) sight seeing trip for my group and we departed at 7am. Perjalanan to floating market was smooth & comfy. Highway all the way and no traffic. Along the way, left & right macam paddy field but actually they are salt mining. Interesting!
What an experience! Awesome!-40minutes boat ride. Totally speechless. Just sit tight and no hand please on the boat side. Just enjoy the photos :-)

You can ask the boat driver to stop at any stall if u wish to purchase anything.

Traffic jammed! Lagi lama lagi chek suker..hihihiii
Sebab tulah adalah dilarang sama skali meletak tangan di tepi boat. Scared if the boat scratching each other. Damage beb! nanti macam mana nak korek idung? LoL
Fresh fruits & food sold by pretty ladies on the boat

For good luck...
Another must go place is Chao Phraya canal cruise. Fuuyyo! siokkk...Long boat fee is RM20. Along the canal trip we stopped at Wat Arun, fish feeding near the local temple and Grand Palace & Temple of Emerald Buddha.
Wat Arun at Chao Phraya river. Gorgeous.

..and yang dinantikan telah tiba -The Grand Palace & Temple of Emerald Buddha. Entrance fee is RM35. Mahai but berbaloi. Strict dress code applies here but you can always rent baju/sarung at information counter for rm10 (refundable).

Cantik yang amat! kagum chek dengan seni bina & architectural nyer...dasat!. Tapi nak habaq mai - panas tak hengat dunhia punya. Walaupun I did carry umbrella, hat and electronic fan but still don't give me any good :-( terik seterik2nya.. Kalo bulih try to arrange your visit in the morning. This temple closed at 4pm.

Ceh! terer chek snap.. cam poskad..hihihiii

Former palace of Thai King.

Grand Palace from outside.

Travelling around Bangkok

Easy and safe. All those shopping places mentioned above are well connected by MRT or BTS. Beli jer 1 day pass then u can enjoy unlimited ride for a day. Lebih kurang RM12 (MRT). Exactly serupa like our LRT & monorail. Taxi are all new Toyota cars. Clean & colourful – pink, green, yellow, blue. Tut-tut pun ada but better than Jakarta's Tut-tut. Flying like lipas kudung...Huh! Scary!
Colourful taxis in Bangkok

MRT station
Some candid photo yang sempat chek snap. Cute stray cat. Yang peliknya, walaupun stray cat but they all look very clean & healthy.
Look at the doggies. Naik moto tak pakai topi keledar...hahaha
Dogs are freely mingle around even siap lepak tido terlena2 kat depan shopping mall. Tak der plak kena halau..kalo kat KL, parking sekejap nak p bank pun dah kena halau..cehh!

Well, Bangkok is extremely pleasing for shopping and event worthwhile if you go for sightseeing. Certainly a great place to explore!

...kap koon krup...

Mar 12, 2009

I love gardening!
Tapi tu lar..kadang2 menjadi kadang2 tak :-P
Ada setengah orang tu punya 'tangan hijau'. Main cucuk2 jer pun confirm tumbuh :-)
Tangan chek ni tak tau lah...tapi insyaallah kalau tanam tak tunjuk gigi tumbuh lar tu :-) ...hahahaha (emmm.. yer ker? dongengan lah)

Ni nak preview skit my backyard garden ni...puas tongek2 dok semai anak benih...akhirnya..alhamdulillah...tapi for the first few weeks tu kena sepenuh perhatian jugak lah...terlupa siram skit jer..dah rajuk :-)

Ada orang kata - "apa susah2. Beli jer kat pasar, bukannya mahai pung" -hakikatnya tuan hamba tu MaLaS!!!

Ada jugak orang kata "eleh! beli jer kat nursery, balik mai dah tentu hidup, kalau pokok cabai tu, dan siap berbuah" -hakikatnya tuan hamba tu actually tak suka gardening, tak sabar dan saja nak ikut trend.
Kalau semai, tanam sendiri baru lar thrill. The fun is there yo!

Cik Daun Sup (tanam dari akar)

Cik Cabai (cili besar...noo). Semai biji benih...Tapi look at the leaves - dah nak mula kena serangan penyakit 'daun kerepot' ^-^*Ms. Kaffir Lime. Beli kat nursery. Semai dari keratan batang. Time beli tu ada lar 2-3 helai pucuk baru nak tumbuh. Jek punya jek tokey tu dapat $2 jar...But now membesar bagai johan (cheewahh) Lepas ni senang sikit nak buat Tom Yum Kung....kung..kung :-)

Cik Kunyit. Semai dari rizom. Mulanya ingat dah tak tumbuh dah because after tanam it tooks almost a month++ nak keluarkan daun yang dasat ni (walaupun hanya sehelai)
Sambil2 tu sajer testing2 - chek tanam pokok daun bawang. Pokok pandan luper plak nak snap..hihiii
Ha! ni queen of the herbs! Daun Karapole (Kari) Tak dak ni kalu, tak buat gulai lar - quite meriah kan?

My fav ulam...cik Pegaga. Kemut2 tau nak tumbuh

Ha ni cik Daun Kesum. Nak buat laksa kar, asam pedas kar

Cik Daun pudina..cucuk bukan main banyak. Tapi sebatang jer yang survived!

This is my angel - Cik Basil. Beli anak pokok kat Cold Storage. Very sensitive but so fragrant. Chek tanam 2 types -Sweet Basil and satu lagi Thai Basil. Buat ulam sedap!
Cik Ginger! Mula tu ia sangat malu2 nak tunjukkan daunnya yang hijau itu. Same like turmeric. Almost a month ++ baru lar dapat hasil yg semeriah begini.

Ini cik Lemongrass yang tidak terurus :-)
Aik? dah abih ker? tak per ingat nanti nak tanam pokok pisang lar pulak..pokok durian, rambutan, manggis, nangka, langsat..bla..bla..bla...
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