I have no workout today. Obviously I’m a bit free after work. Called up Kaktah and we started brainstorming where we should go for jalan-jalan & mamam..huh? come on..it's friday!
KL? No..no…jam! 1U? pretty normal...the Curve? No..no..been there 3-4 times a week...”cemuih”, Gardens? emmmm..(thinking) Isetan sale almost finish…no money :-P
HA!!! Sunway Pyramid…yeah..good choice. It’s been ages never been there. As I could recall it was 6 months ago since my last visit.

Then, came along the problem..where to eat? Huh? Another brainstorming..finally we decided to have dinner at “Ole-Ole Bali”. It was 8pm.Guess what? The restaurant was full house and we had to Q for a table…goshhhh! Must be nice food inside there (we thought). The deco is definitely great and wonderful. Purely Balinese. We don’t mind to wait since nothing to rush for.

While waiting, we placed the order and waited for almost 15 minutes :-P
There are Balinese and western food on the menu and we realized almost everybody eating the same dish. Wonder what it was. Here they have 3 types of seating – outdoor (western seating), indoor (western seating) & indoor (floor seating).

Finally it was our turn. Yeah! we got the floor seating with low table on the platform with cushions and pillows. Very comfy and homy but need to take off shoes though.

Both of us ordered Nasi Campur Ole-Ole @ RM33/set (chicken/beef) and very refreshing drink Barley Lime @ RM5/glass or RM15/jug.

Serving was fast. Wow! Looking at the meal make me miss Bali obviously Ubud so much. The meal served in a very big portion and it have variety of dishes including sate lilit. It was so tasty and delicious. No wonder almost everybody eating it.

I like the sate lilit as it was creatively presented. The mixed mince meat was wrapped around a stick of lemongrass instead of bamboo stick. So brilliant! never thought of it. It was grilled & the lemongrass produces a very lovely fragrant.

Overall RM33/serving is definitely worth it in a delightful ambiance.