It looks yummy isn't it? WeeEeeeEE!

Although I'm not a fan of fried mee, but once a while the easiest way to prepare dinner is to fry mee! :)
cepat, mudah dan lazat of course.

Well, it depends on individual how to cook fried mee and this is version of mine:

1. Stir fried garlic & shallot until fragrant & golden brown
2. Add blended onion, stir for a while
3. Add chili paste & sugar and cook for 10-15 minutes to make sure the chili is really cook.
4. Add oyster sauce, soya sauce, sweet sauce and 2tbs fish sauce.
5. Add prawn/ chicken/beef/etc. Season with a bit of salt & sugar. Simmer for 8minutes
6. Add mee (soaked in hot water for 5minutes & rinse) and vegetables. Toss well for 5 minutes and ready! ~~if the mee is too dry, add a bit of water to get the wet & gravy effect~~
7. Garnish with spring onion & red chilies and serve~~ :)