Fabulous as always!! I must say...i loved it!It was a great escape from reality, the girls haven't loose their touch!The outfits were awesome, bright, colourful & sexy.
I am sure you will think this it too much..the clothes, their glamorous life etc...we must not forget...its fiction!!!
Anyway...i loved and i am sure a lot of people would agree with me :)

SATC2 is one of my MUST WATCH MOVIE 2010. It's a long awaited movie since the last released of SATC last year. If last year they were talking about life before marriage and how difficult it was to commit into a marriage, this round the girls are talking about happily ever after of a marriage.....but what happens after happily ever after? yeahhh! do you ever ask youself what gonna happens next? well....it's not all about fashion, lifestyle or love but it's all about life. Something that true enough to face in a real life.

For me, this movie does have a message and it was delivered in a such every girl would love and dream to have it ;)

But somehow, I do have an opinion that Samanta is a litle bit to much about her sex life...awwwwww! hahahaha...

BTW, I am not going to review this movie tho, as I bet every single woman that understand what is friendship and bestfriend is all about will definitely go and watch this movie :)

But if you ask me whose character I like most?.... i would say all of them! and the movie will never be the same without the complete four girls and their fifth girlfriend...........and that would be me!!...WeeEeeeeeeee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~.^