→ → My Question

When entering a room of people, be it family or friends, who should speak first, the people or person in the room or the person entering the room?

→ → The Answer by using sense of Social Etiquette and Good Manners:

If you're entering a private home,the host/ess should be quick to welcome you because you are invited to the functions/events, but there is no hard and fast rule.

BUT, if you're entering a common area such as an office/a meeting room/a discussion group and etc you (the entering person) should speak first either saying hello, general greetings and etc or giving Salam for Muslim.

Well, sometimes it's very easy to understand by using common sense yet I just wonder if people are just standing around staring at one another instead of doing what comes naturally, smiling and saying hello! -___-

I remembered that I've read somewhere online, most people experience rudeness at work, public places and even at own home! Everything from mobile phones, to loud conversations about personal relationships to certain eating habits~~~yarck!! disgusting ~~~.0

Do you know that NOT saying hello or good morning when entering a room is considered rude? owhhh! really? wow! Luckily I keep practising that ;)...huhuuuuu

...and you are about to find out the most shocking facts about rudeness that we may or have done through out our life weather we realize it or not;

♣ splashing on too much perfume
♣ lack of personal hygiene (body odour)
♣ fewer courtesies such as knocking before entering a room
♣ munching and chewing food loudly
♣ Talking with mouth full ~~gross!never! never! do this no matter where or when!

So how do we deal with this kind of rudeness? Setting some clear rules would be a start but from my personal experience teaching or try to correct someone about social etiquette and good manners is a HARD job to do! Can you imagine that their own parents can't teach them to behave correctly and yet who are we wanna teach them? huh! it's tough isn't it?

Another obvious thing to do would be to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Frankly speaking it just takes some self discipline :)

Have you been rude without you noticing it?(I guess no one will say yes for this..hahaha), Have people been to rude to you? What are some of the worst things you have seen? How should it be handled? How does it affect you? Has anything been done about it?

Well, too many questions, but one thing for sure it starts with yourself to stop all these questions ;)

Please alert yourself, your families, friends and your own children about this simple social etiquette and good manners. With a little steps it reflects your bubling personality. Let's make a different! yeeeehaa!