WeEeeeee!!! masak-masak lagi :D

As I remembered, this is my first recipe that I learned from Food Channel few years back. Although for westeners the dish signs as Spring but for me it is the quickest & healthiest dinner after workout ;)

If you noticed, I did posted the same recipe like this earlier but again I wanted to share a lil piece of my passion with you as I do improvised the recipe a lil bit by adding the blackcurrent jam to get the sweet flavour :)
and believe me it's good for breakfast too~~~enjoy! Your kids gonna ♥ it! :)

A bunch of asparagus
Butter (melted)
Blackcurrent jam (optional)

→ Boil eggs for 5minutes to to get runny/soft yolk. Shell the eggs.
→ Boil asparagus for 5minutes with some salt to retain the great green. Rinse well
pssttt! I ♥ this photo. Nice~~~~! Don't u think so? ~.~

Plating the asparagus and sprinkle with the chopped egg and season with pepper. Pour the melted butter & blackcurrent jam over everything and serve immediately~~~yummy!