Overall, I liked this movie. Technically, it is a well made film, and well acted. A brilliant movie! I enjoyed watching it and recommend it for a good entertaining film.
The outfits wore by Audrey were tremendously beautiful. Simple yet elegant...yeaaa...it's Chanel :)

The film takes us right back to the moment a teeny tiny Gabrielle is dropped at an orphanage with her older sister. Years rolls by and the young girls struggled to break out of their lowly existence, with good looks and cunning as their only tools. Both then became a tailor during day time and a singer during night time at the club and singing their trademark daily song titled "coco" and that was how she got her name Coco (Chanel).

After her sister decided to left the singing job to follow her lover to Paris, Coco was left alone and later she also decided to move closer to Paris, her dream city, and shacks up with an uncouth heir. From there, her style develops, her attitude hardens and she met the man who was to be the love of her life, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel.

But, everything seemed ending when Boy was killed in a car accident. With the true love of hers towards Boy, Coco stands up and walks foward to create her own brand of fashion until she managed to proove it to the whole world today!

I ♥ Audrey Tautou! She's gorgeous & stunning and she truly shines as Chanel. She manages to be tough and boy-like, while still retaining the elegance that was the essence of Coco Chanel. Tautou can say so much with a simple tight-lipped smile or a subtle grimace. She really is remarkable in this role.