Called by local as Saturday Flea Market. Why? Held every Saturday as early as 7.30am until 2-3pm. Almost similar like any flea market at other places. Goods sold are more to fresh produce from farm or kampung backyard garden, dry & wet daily home products- vegetables, fish, meat, clothes, footwear, kitchen utensils, food & drinks and etc. Be sure to reach here early to avoid big crowd and sun heat :P

Varieties of fresh vegetable available at very cheap price
Atmosphere is usually crowded and noisy with sellers/hawkers shouting try to sell their goods. Bargain is recommended for clothes but don't expect too much.

Here also is the best place to get varieties of 'Ulam Kampung' like daun pegaga, cekur, putat, cemamak, pucuk janggus/gajus, and etc. Price range is between RM0.50 - RM1.00/pack. Cheap huh? and let me remind you - it's extremely FRESH! Usually it's sell by old grannies whom grow these 'ulam' just at their backyard or widely available within the village. But sadly ;-( number of them who sell this product has become lesser and lesser since young sellers more interested selling ordinary veggies.

I used to come here every weekend during my childhood. If my dad can't drive me there, I'll cycle with my sister or friends and sometime alone. Just because to buy my favourite - PICKLE! Damn cheap at that time. It was only RM0.50/pack. A lot of pickles - many type of fruits, colour, flavour...hem yummmyyy! The most I like is Tamarind & 'Cermai' Pickle. Oh goshhhh :-P But since these photos was captured during fasting month, many food stalls were not open. So, no pickle photos ya! ;-)

And definitely, the last saturday of this month will be the most crowded ever of the year due to last chance for people to get Hari Raya stock especially 'Daun Palas' - the main ingredient to prepare the most anticipated dish served during Hari Raya, Ketupat Palas (Ketupat pulut), a dish with sticky rice wrapped into triangular using daun palas.