I'll be away for few days back to hometown. Usually, I'll bring cik misai along, but I don't have enough space for her this time. No choice - have to send her for boarding :-P
From the moment stepping inside the pet shop cik misai start hissing, hissing and hissinggggg...
(Normal for jer though). This is because she felt threaten by other boarded cats as it's been ages she has never experienced having another cat in the house beside herself and seriously seldom mixing with strangers.

She got spacious multi storey cage with ginger and tabby cats as neighbours. The petshop owner, Lawrence has to put cadboard in between cages to avoid her seeing her neighbour :-P

Inspecting around her new territory. Very fussy cat!

To avoid her become cranky & moody after boarding, I'll make sure to bring her own comfy bedding where she can rest, relax & sleep for the next 6 days
Bye-bye darling!