Whole chicken cut into serving size pieces
Young papaya
Curry powder (chicken)
1 big onion (blended)
4 garlic (blended)
2cm galangal (blended)
1 TS chili paste
Shallot (sliced)
Garlic (sliced)
Curry leaves
Coconut milk
Sugar & salt to taste
Red & bird chilies to garnish


Cut chicken into small pieces, wash & drain

Heat the pot and stir-fry shallot, garlic & curry leaves until golden brown and fragrant
(if you like u can add star anise and cinnamon for more aroma)

In a small bowl, mix curry powder with blended onion, garlic, galangal, chili paste & water into a thick paste then add into the pot.
Stir thoroughly until almost dry
Add chicken and stir for few more minutes to coat chicken well with curry paste
Add coconut milk, sugar & salt. Reduce the heat & cook for 20-25 minutes until it simmer
Add young papaya and cook under slow heat for 10-15 minutes until papaya is cook and chicken is tender
When almost cook, add red & bird chilies to garnish
Turn off heat, skim off excess oil on the surface
It’s ready…finger licking good!

Notes: You can replace papaya with potato, winter melon, tomato or etc.