Jom jalan-jalan pi pasar Ramadhan? This one is at my hometown. Very the merry. But starting this year it has been modernized and relocate. Bigger space & really convenient. Still a great place but I prefer the old pasar ramadhan. More to kampung style - the smell, the stalls, the old umbrellas and of course the worn out griller that used to grill fish, chicken & etc - emmmm yummy :-)

Ayaq nyioq isi kelapa :-)

Banana trunk curry. Previous years was rm2/pack. Available only during fasting month.

Ayam Golek. sedapp!

From clockwise:
Typical vendor selling 'Air Nira' - LinChiKang & Air Jagung - Laksa Asam Utara - Murtabak
******** dad & my sis really love that Air Jagung. huh! I wonder why ;-P But I always make an excuse not to buy it. It just toooo sweeet.

Right: My fav stall. Everytime balik kampung mesti beli nih, Laksam & Laksa Lemak. Besttt! RM2 only.
Left: Varieties of kerabu & masak lemak pucuk manis + rebung

Wow! delicious ikan bakar. Tapi rugi sebab I don't eat freshwater fish. It looks so tempting! nyumm..nyum..