My fav hairdresser Eilin in action. Knew her 4yrs back. I think I've done a lot of investment @ her saloon :-) hahaha

Bye-bye my hair :-(
I hope Eilin knows what she's doing :-P
Couldn't believe I cut my hair. For such a long time, I think almost 4yrs I've been keeping my hair long. Long and long until it's pretty long. Never cut it short except trim it once every 3 months.

I've been thinking about getting a new hair cut. But every time I feel so, I can't do it. Scared to see the result maybe :-) huh!

Then, the day had finally arrived. I had my hair cut to medium length 2 weeks ago! Yeah... not too short but at least something different. But today, I went to see Eilin again for another investment deal...a rebonding. huh! Guess what? Eilin has turned me like this!!! :-O :-) hahahahaa *wink*