Yer ker? Capable enough to turn something bad into good? hemm...jap(thinking) ;)
Bulih lar kot sbb dari dolu2 lagi my hobby memang suker kemas rumah & all pretty things :-) Habis perabot rumah my mum kena pindah2 every month...hehehe sekarang ni I pindah2 my own furniture plak ;-P

Last year masa tengah time posa cam ni lah, Kaktah hired me to become her ID. Katanya dah bosan ngan old look. Need some changes. New things & better view while sleeping..hahaha
Well, no budget given & no specific theme fixed by her. Tapi takleh lar melampau2 expenses nyer kan..agak2 lar. Lagipun not all new & expensive things will give you a different or better look. Maka bermulalah the new episode. But unfortunately forgot to snap few photos of the old bedroom. too xcited sampei luper :-D

Basically old bedroom was in dark blue (bottom) & striking yellow (top) colour (can u imagine that?) divided by the wallpaper border in the middle and all furnitures were in brown/varnish colour.
Of course I chose my fav theme. English Country! - good luck

The border has been removed and the entire wall was re-painted with off-white colour. The bed, side tables & dressing table that aged almost 15yrs, built in wardrobe were also re-painted with off-white colour.
The funny was, we were using TOA brand paint both for interior wall and woody type items. Bought this at Damansara. Half way painting, we realized that the paint was not enough. Went back to the same store and she said has no stock!Aiyooo! Then went to DU & DJ area, also same. Less hardware shops sell this brand. Kataiyoo!Went to Subang Jaya & SA - also same!Purrr! I can't simply used another brand as the colour will be different though. Finally 2days b4 raya found this TOA shop @ Klang but still don't have the exact matching code paint. Have to wait for them to mix and prepare the paint on the spot..phewwww

Finally, it's done! Got the bedsheet @ Subang Parade, curtain @ Macy, drawer cabinet priced at only RM90 @ kedai AhSeng, wallpaper & border by Lamex @ Midvalley, table lamp, photo frame, vase & flowers @ Ikea. Floor mat @ 1U.

The existing arm chair was placed at the corner to give colour contrast beside hommy & comfy look.

Something different - the built in cabinet was re-painted with white colour on the bottom part and layered with wallpaper on the top side. It was not an easy job ok! I need to climb up and get all the wardrobe knobs unscrewed so that the wallpaper would nicely and evenly pasted ;-B
I've completed the task within 2 weeks but basically only able to work it out only on weekend and after terawih on week days. So, how was it? ok lah huh? free tau...I hope Kaktah like it :-)
Psttt...suddenly feel so sleepy sbb tengok katil ZZZZZzzzzzzz....