Kalo terasa sangat tensen, too much works to handle, too many things to think....maka kami suka skali  'beristirehat' di sini. Makan...makan...makan...like nothing else matters...hahaaa. Bad! bad!! bad!!! Sebelum makan tak hengat, lepas makan terus terbayang baju ketat tak bleh butang....uh!uh!!
Tapi, everytime datang sini most of time kami order the same things :) All my favourite! Kami tak suka sangat yang salut tepung goreng-goreng tu. Sebab udang pun dah kolestrol, so I try my best to avoid fried food...Aiceh! So, untuk menu yang lain-lain tu I'm not pretty sure but all these are highly recommended.

Shrimper's Net Catch. Bleh mix half Cajun and half Garlic. I love garlic all the way. Yumm!

 Scampi is my favourite! Lots of shrimps sauteed with capers in lemon-garlic butter on a bed of Linguini. Latest they introduced the Lobster Scampi. I tried. But for me the Shrimp Scampi is more delicious :)

I love vegetables with my meals and it's a must! This delicious steamed Broccoli is a wise choice :)

Sweet Home BBQ burger.
I am not a burger fan but I did give a try to this classic burger. Delicious!

 New stuff! Alabama Hot Wings now available at Bubba. Something similar like Buffalo Wings at Chili's. Awas! Don't be fooled with the chicken skin. Aiyooo!!! Too delicious sampai tak sangka kami dah geget kulit ayam masuk peyutt......Errkk!! Jumping jack 200times now!

Super super super sinful Alabama Mud Pie! Pssstt! please don't tell my gym instructor okie! Great for 6 packs. Serious!! Don't ever-ever order this if only two of you. You have been warned!