It is a great day to work in the garden. It is cloudy and windy. It seems to rain but the weather goes fine all day long. Just another beautiful weather on weekend as it encourages me to get out in a long dress and a straw hat on my head to work in the garden accompanied by my little miss misai meow~meoww wearing her leash sitting on the garden chair. Nothing much she could do with the leash on his neck and body lol, she keep yawning and staring at the flying birds that once a while stopped and rested on the trees....and she yawns again :)

As I posted in my garden journal last week, the frangipani tree finally poked out its flower buds. Owh! I was so thrilled and excited. Been waiting for it quite a while :)

The frangipani on the first week. Only a few blooms but that enough to make my heart tunes to balinese gamelan music ♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♫

And this is today, on the second week. All flowers are at full bloom. They look so gorgeous, amazing and sweet smelling!

With the good weather and small quantity of pouring rain, I think it will last for another week....and wait!...... another branch has poked out the flower buds too :) Well, I guess they are happy in my garden as I'm more than happy of having them here :)