What comes straight to your mind when you see the picture up there? Ahaa!

- maid?
- household chores?
- cleaning?
- floor brushing?
- ishhh! rajinnya!
- tired? [even though just looking at it and yet to do it? ...lol]

Hurmmmmm..... all the above are correct! Infact it's a combo! buy 1 get 6 :) nevertheless it's totally a priceless satisfaction when everything is clean & sparkling :) and countless burned calories too :)))

Suddenly, terpanggil my jiwa to do some floor brushing. If possible, I would ♥ to do it every weekend, but you know.......yeaahhh...I know you know.....because you too feel lazy right? heheee...so, I leave that part to flow around and emerge by itself :) and it works! I woke up in one weekend morning and felt like I was dying to brush my carporch floor.... wow! desperately like to! nothing can't stop me! LMAO and I did :)

mentalnote: I never see theberookmatyeh bibik indon next door brush her employer's carporch before. seriously...no kidding. Normally she just mop it [lazy!] suddenly, she pun basuh the carporch jugak on the very next day! haiii!!! memang sah OG [orang gila] ni psiko o.O there was once I brushed my backyard cement, pun sama dok petang tu dengaq 'brushh! brusshh! dia dok tonyoh the floor kat dapoq rumah majikan dia...siaoww o.O Dulu dia tak gardening [lazy!], sekarang pun dah gardening o.O mungkinkah I'm her idol? urmmmmm.....

While I'm brushing the carporch floor, I do my weekend laundry too :) [hebatkan??? well....]
After done my floor brushing, piles of laundry, hanging clothes and errkkkk......ada lagik...erkkkk! laundry folding pulak ~.~ adehhh [washed laundry in the middle of the week blum lipat lagi...heheeee]

Petang, keluar bersiar-siar :) one of my weekend routine is enjoying a cup [Venti] of starbucks coffee~~caramel machiato~~gulp!. Doesn't matter having there or to go :D But sejak cuba menahan diri from starbucks coffee, I found the substitute. OMG! better and healty. Pricing wise is almost the same tapi laaaagi sedapppp!!! what's your flavour? I a mix of Royal Red Velvet and Chocolate! yummilicioussss!
a cup [medium] like this is easily RM14-15 o.O
expensive huh? kalo datang bawa anak 5...macam mana??
so, hopefully I can forget starbucks and perhaps no more baskin robbins after this...heheeeee

and my weekend has been beautified with this ^____^ flip-flops spesel for my beach holiday...yaeeahhhh!

Giles mahei...flip flops jar pung, bleh dapat a pair of high heel.
Errkkk! maybe sebab bukan sliper cap jepun kot lol

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