Grilled dory fish fillet with stir-fried long beans with eggs
Satu lagi hidangan ringkas, mudah dimasak dan lazat sekali!
This is my first time ever cooking frozen fish in my humble kitchen. It was super easy tapi yang tak best ialah proses menyahbeku fish fillet yang keras macam kayu itu...hahaa

Taklah susah cuma lambat. Perut dah lapar...kes tak sabar la nie...hehee
Before off to gym, kami dah keluarkan ikan from the fridge tapi balik from gym 3 hours later ikan still half way keras kejung. Untuk mempercepatkan proses, kami pun let the fish berenang-renang dalam air mengalir [air kecil jar sebab sekarang tengah jimat air]. Amazingly 7 minutes after that, ikan dah thawed completely. Yeyy!!! Panaskan griddle cepat! Yeahhyeahh!!

I don't have recipe for grilled fish. Cooking by heart jar slalu...Aiceh! Usually it just salt, black pepper and BBQ sauce. Let it sit for 5-7 minutes [while waiting for griddle to become super hot] and grill each side for 8 minutes. Siap! Sprinkle with some paprika powder on top and served with your favourite vegetables. In my case, I was starving after a workout and kacang panjang goreng pecah telur seem a brilliant idea to feed my singing flat tummy...hahaaaa

Owh my! it was tremendously delicious! I am glad that I have stocked up my fridge with frozen fish fillets. Yeyy!