More updates about Ubud. This entry spesel for a wonderful cafe called Sari Organik.
Actually, Sari Organik nie dah masuk dalam itinerary during my previous visit to Ubud on September 2011, tapi hari tu tak sempat nak mai. Alhamdulillah, during this visit akhirnya kami sampai. Yeyyy!!!

This restaurant can only be described as humble. It is settled in the middle of the rice fields, with a very nice view. Stunning! Sari Organik specializes in growing organic vegetables and rice and making other products that can be processed from local produce.

From Ubud town through Jalan Raya Campuhan, turn right into Abangan Bungalow.

Advisable to walk and no car can reach this restaurant. Only locals take motorbike through this small tiny alley which fit exactly 1 motorbike only!

After consulting a local, I took motorbike to the restaurant! Such a sensational ride! Scary and fun!

It's about a 20 minute walk outside of town and nearly 15 minutes by motorbike. You can't speed as the weather beaten path is super small. It took me a little longer because I kept stopping to take pictures of the ducks and rice fields. Tapi kami tak terkejut sangat lar sebab villa kami kat Infinity tu pun hampir sama macam nie kawasan sekitarnya cuma all the paddy had been harvested.

Mat saleh datang sini jalan kaki siap dokong baby lagi, ada plak tu yang bawa toddlers jalan bersama. They were so cool.

Please stop and give way to on-coming motorbike riders.

 Many local artist set up stands or small shop to sell their silver, art and various other items along the way. So bring extra money with you!

The farmers called it a day. All rice harvesting are done by hand by lady farmers.

Amazing views along the path.

Kawasan sekitar kampung juga bersih.

 Yey!! Finally arrived.

Subak (farming irrigation system) runs along the path.

Gossip dogs! hahaaa

Parking space provided.

Turn right to Organic farm.

Turn left to Organic restaurant.

The entrance of Sari Organik.

Terasa seperti balik  rumah tok kat kampung 25 tahun yang lalu.

Gazebos in the garden.

Cozy and nice seating area inside the restaurant.

This restaurant consists of two floors. Upper floor is for seating while kitchen  and washroom are located at the lower floor.

It was worth my while going to this restaurant. The wonderful trek through the rice fields and the view from the cafe are amazing. The food was great and most are vegetarian menu - I had a salad, nasi campur and fresh young coconut. Service was good and very friendly. Atmosphere is very relaxing. Price is honest.


Nasi campur sari organik. Yummy!

The home green salad is made with its own organic leaves grown in their own farm next to the restaurant. And it tastes so fresh!!!
First time kami makan raw pucuk jambu batu, pakis merah dan bayam kampung. Sedap!

Dining with this spectacular setting!

If you are UNlucky, you will get a soap opera channel! Yuckie! go get a room! 
Teruih tukaq silap!...table.

Perhaps as a tourist we should respect local customs and follow high standards of courtesy. Jangan lar buat suka hati macam lar takdak orang sekeliling. Comolott seluk luar dalam di khalayak ramai...macam stray dogs dah rupanya....kat mana-mana asal boleh...gross!.......kesian................

Dah abes makan rasa macam tak mo balik. I can sit here one whole day and finish my favourite book. It was tremendously fabulous! A must visit place.