I'm arranging a gift for one of my office client for his Raya open house. Budget is around RM150. Would like to try something different rather than ordinary way of giving a hamper, fruits, cake or etc.

i'm thinking to give a vase of flower. Checked around but all nice medium size arrangement of flower is more than RM200. Ada lar yang below RM150..tapi kecik cam ciput but less quality (not worth for $) ...rasa tak baik lar plak nak bagi orang hat kecik2 ;-P

Then, i came with an idea - bought all the material (kat SSF) and arrange it myself..huh? reti ker ni? kalo tak jadi camner? tapi insyaallah dengan keconfidentnan yang i ader...bulih kot no? jeng..jeng..jeng...

The material:

After 20 patience minutes - this is the result!

Tie up the rafia string into a ribbon for a final touch to soften the look :-)

Total cost is RM136.60