Finally! I'm back hitting the gym since last Monday :-)
After 5 weeks break, it feels so great now that I'm able to do some cardio exercises again...miss my RPM class so much!

Now I'm back on track and my usual daily routine...[meaning - 1 scoop of rice permeal :-( ]
only thing is I'm workout everyday instead of 3-4 times a week (perhaps for another 2-3weeks)...Trust me... I've learned this after 2 weeks enjoying deliciously sinful raya dishes :-P phewwww..yummyyy

Right now I'm busy and headache of organizing my next holiday - a revisit trip to Jakarta/bandung for 5days...Aiyooo! Even though been there last year, still & really confuse in choosing a right hotel - ideally located within awesome shopping places & FOs, 4star perhaps, clean, affordable and if possible no group check-in during my stay...hehehe :-P

Yeah..I know..some people may said don't be so fancy about the hotel, but for me after the whole tiring & dusty least something nice, clean & comfy is waiting for me when I'm back to rest, relax & sleep...don't u think so?...hemmmm ;-) I do :-P

I've been calling & e-mailing back & forth directly to the hotels @ jakarta & bandung asking for the room rate and getting information & advises from TA & VT. Personally, I'm prefer calling the hotel direct for the reservation. Believe or not I've managed to bargain for a suite room!? huh!
Well, I've got another 40% to finish...hopefully everything goes smooth & easy...insyallah...aminnnn :-)

..and 100% office work to do...month end is approaching daaaa! arrghhhhh :-O :-))
****pstttt- my fave cartoon HOOPS (pink cat) and YOYO (green bunny)..they are too cuteeeeee!