1. Stir fry shallot, garlic & curry leaves until golden brown & fragrant
  2. Add curry paste (curry powder + blended onion & garlic + dried chili paste)
  3. Stir thoroughly until almost dry and add pieces of dried salted fish (Talang)
  4. Stir to mix well and add coconut milk & sugar to taste
  5. After boil, add pieces of pineapple (or brinjal if you like) & bird chillies (if like) and cook under slow heat
  6. Leave to simmer & until pineapple become tender. It's ready!


Warning: Do not add salt as the dried salted fish is already salty!!!

Ikan Talang Masin - a signature 'buah tangan' from Kedah.

The most popular in the 'world' to get this salted fish is at Tanjung Dawai @ Yan. Fuyyoo! varieties of sea products like anchovies in multiple grades, salted fish, dried shrimp, dried squid, shrimp paste, tamarind, kuah rojak Mak Bi, dried fish/prawn cracker and etc. BUT, no matter how good people talking about Tanjung Dawai, for Ikan Talang, I still prefer one shop (retailer) at Batu 17 @ Yan. They have as small as 2kg and as big of 8kg ikan Talang (FYI a 8kg ikan Talang's height is equivalent to 12yrs old kid) wow! ;-O and is about RM60-70 (can't recall how much perkg).

New jetty @ Tanjung Dawai

Talking about Tg Dawai, it's actually a fisherman village with a small town by the seaside. Driving via coastal road to Tg Dawai is awesome as you will be served with panoramic view of the seaside. Unfortunately, the new 2 storey shop building that placing numbers of sellers is toooo dirty! especially at the staircase both left and right. Yarckkkk!

Restaurant view

I really don't understand how something like this could happend at a tourist attraction point. Not only now, but since day one the new building had been occupied. Who should be blamed for this? District council or the tenants? It just ridiculous if both parties try to point finger to each other. Shame on them all. NOT my intention to make a bad reputation for this great place. Nothing wrong with the things sold here. It's still the best place to get all dried seafood stuffs, but honestly I do feel shame and sorry for the locals or tourists who come here and have to see the unkept & dirty shop building... BUT there is an incredibly awesome 'ikan bakar restaurant' at the left side end lot @1st floor. Fantastic lunch by the seaside overlooking Merdeka beach -another tourist attraction can be reached by few bucks boat ride.

I order the same dishes everytime I'm here. The grilled fish sauce is just fantastic as Balinese sauce @ Jimbaran :-)