Yeeha! Beverly Hills 90210 is coming back! Long-awaited TV legendary show. One of my favourite tv series. Noted about it when astro keep showing the preview and today I've read about it on Astroview Nov'08. So, it's kind of flasback to me ;-)
Don't forget every Tuesday 9pm @ StarWorld channel 711

I think I've started to follow this series since I was in Form 3...ages ago. Now after 14yrs and I bet they are all no longer in high school.

My fave charaters are Dylan (Luke Perry)..ouchhhh! damn handsome & gorgeous man (thru my teenage eyes :-p) The whole world crazy about him...and of course Brenda (Shannon Doherty)...a beautiful, wild but smart girl. Others are Brandon (Jason Priestley), Donna (Tori Spelling), Steve (Ian Ziering) and many more. But the most charatcter I hate is Kelly (Jennie Garth)...Malay said "mengada-ngada"..hahahha (maybe beacause I prefer Dylan 'love' Brenda).

Well, could u imagine it was 14yrs ago..where in Malaysia we only have 3 limited TV channels? No body need a HP that time and forget about internet larrr...if available..dial-up :-D

But, we still happy, enjoyed and entertained by all tv series/programmes aired every day.

I've grown up with numbers of awesome tv series and one of it is semua bulih MacGyver played by Richard Dean Anderson...What I like about MacGyver is that when faced with danger, his first reaction was always to stop for a moment & think. With a good imagination and resourcefulness, he always wins the day...Yeah! but, if u compare MacGyver with CSI...huh! ibarat langit and bumi :-O of course it is man vs technology...but worry not Grissom, u r perfectly awesome! I love u ;-P

Paling best Thurdercat, He-Man the Master of Universe , She-Ra Princess of Power & Smurf..ooolalala...I like those

That is why I keep saying to myself "It's an opportunity to experience good & bad - you will probably smile, laugh or cry when think about it years from now"

Like while I'm writing & reading this..probably u too...Hahahhhaa