"What's the point of going on holiday if I can't wear my holiday outfits?"

I ♥ holiday.  I ♥ travel around. Who doesn't? But what I dislike is holiday packing! -___- adehhh....

of course the first thing I begin to panic about is what to pack!  But first cik jah have to make sure where is the destination. Beach, jungle, cold & winter, tropical hot & humid or maybe a desert?

For many of us the packing can take longer than the holiday and often starts a week or even two before we leave...heheeee [that's ME!] kind of nightmare huh? hahaaa, NO it's not :)

Because if I can't find anything suit to my holiday theme in my wardrobe, I've got a chance to go shopping! YeYY! :)) kidding

Seriously when it comes to packing my holiday clothes, I'm kind of acute. There's one part of my mind that asks me to bring the whole closet and the other part says who's going to carry all the suitcase? huh!

It such a tedious job to do in this world that insists on a pre-packing, end-of-bed pile of clothes that includes floaty kaftans, all the white dresses & maxis, flat sandals and a straw trilby but I guess I have to enjoy every moment of it because I wanna look gorgeous [awww!] , organize and presentable while enjoying my holiday ^____^ don't you?

Erkkk! excuse me... I'm not the t-shirt & jeans person

To avoid bringing too many clothes and shoes, try to bring the minimum and just co-ordinate well [ huh! it sounds damn easy :) ]. So, these are what I always do for a holiday packing :

1) Go through my clothes to decide which ones are relevant according to my holiday theme. At this point, I have pile of clothes on my bed :P

2) Mix & match the clothes so that it didn't feel like I'm wearing the exact same thing as the day before and subsequently shorlisted the suscessful candidates lol----please take note of how many days you are packing for. If a 4days break, please don't bring a 2weeks clothes. That's why important to mix & match.

Make a outfit summary list [ refer above] to organize and coordinate what to wear daily. This is very important for me because it makes me always in a ready to go mode. Time is precious while you are on holiday. Every minute count and any last minute changes are totally not welcomed!

Iron all the clothes as it helps them to stay winkle free :) Who's gonna iron their clothes while on holiday? Come on! it's a holiday. Leave all the household chores at home please.

Ironing also make the clothes lay flat and which will save space in the suitcase.
Fold them and finally into the suitcase they go...phewww!

mentalnote: I've a bad experience staying at 5stars hotel @ Pattaya but they do no have an in-room iron request!!! I know it doesn't make any sense but yes I've been thru it. Like hell o.O

and never-never forget to have things to bring list. It's a must! so that you won't leave anything behind :) I always have it no matter how short or near my trip is.

Wow! Finally all done. If still the tips above can't help you, well....don't pack your clothes, go and buy them...hahahaaa

Hurmmm...did I tell you that my holiday this time has a theme colour? ahhaa! yes it has :)
Because it's a beach holiday, so nothing better than white. It's gonna be a White Beach Holiday....owh! yeahh! errkkk!...nie nak pergi holiday ker runway show nie? lol

OMG! still thinking how to carry my supersize straw hat on the plane...
and I almost forgot that I do have another large suitcase my miss misai meow~meow...but don't worry as I don't have to pack her along ~.^ she's staying at the cat hotel :) hope she likes it.
[Of course she is, she's kind of on vacation too.....aheeheeeee]

Errrkkk! yang 2 piece swimwear to artist impression jer taww! sat gi cik jah heart attack plak :P