Owh!!! they are so lovely! I absolutely it and thank you very much! ~~♥♥~~

My favourite stargazer :)

I never hang & leave my fresh hand bouquet flowers dry on the wall :P It just doesn't make sense at all to leave the flower dry and dusty that you don't even remember about it [after you hang it...lol] The best is to put the fresh flowers in a vase of water. Let's share how to keep the cut flowers stay fresh and longer. Before adding the flowers into the vase add in 1tbsp apple cider vinegar + 1 tbsp sugar into the water. Please remember to change the water every few days [and add more vinegar + sugar of course].

And display as usual :)

Psttt!!! chek memang sukak bawa my fresh flowers to office and display on my own table. They are lovely!, supposed to be close to me all the time and make the ofice smells heavenly :)

Erkkkk~~~ hope cik jah tak fenin bau bunga wangi sangat...heheeeee