Woww! finally I managed to published this holiday entry for reference to those who care to have a holiday on this spacious lush tropical island, top notch resort accomodation & facilities, marvellous food and friendly staff.

Well, I think I'm just being too generous and sincere about all my holiday trips. I took as many as possible photos and gather a lot of information to share with whoever is reading my holiday posts and it always because the one and only reason; sharing and spreading around the holiday experince as a guideline. Maybe just alike you I always do research & study about all of my holiday destinations before making any final decision and I do find blog entries help me very much in order to have the perspective view of the real travellers or first hand experience instead of commercial & marketing point of views from the resort/hotel website itself.

Nevertheless, I take NO responsibility for any good or bad experience that you guys had or may have based on my holiday entries of course! :)

We are different, everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it :)

After 1 week of hemming, oohing, aahing finally I decided to choose Sibu Island Resort located at Sibu Tengah Island, Johor, MALAYSIA as my beach holiday destination.
I've been to Lang Tengah island, Redang island, Pangkor Island, Pangkor Laut Island and Perhentian island and slighly in doubt about my choice this time. I could pick tioman [they are nearby] instead of Sibu island, or fly to any island in Sabah...hemmmmm...It just a matter of now or later.

My trip is totally adventurous. Gilessss! o.O

From home → klia = 40minutes car drive [5am~6am]
klia → Johor Bhru = 50minutes plane ride [7.10am ~ 8am]
Johor Bahru →Tg Leman Jetty = 1.5hrs airport taxi ride [8.30am~10am]
Tg Leman Jetty → Sibu Island = 20minutes airconditioned, clean & comfy boat ride [10am~10.20am]

Phewwww!! but all the shaky flight, narrow zig-zagging taxi ride through out the palm oil estates; Felda Tengaroh and bumpy boat ride gone when I reached the resort! YaahooOOOoO!~~~~~.^

The crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and blue skies took my breath away~~~and wait till I see my special request suite with ocean view~~~~~~

Aiport taxi stand at newly renovated Senai airport is very convenience. I hate the feeling of cramp, stuck, chaotic & lousy at LCCT very much! o.O my so called 'budget first class trip all the way' was ruined by lousy LCCT....hahahahaaa...almost :P
Looking forward for KLIA2 :)

I took some photos of Senai airport during my return flight to Kuala Lumpur.

The access road to the airport terminal from the main road is very straightforward. No tricky & confused junctions. It just a simple big round circle but with style. Hat offs to the team of engineers & architects! :)

Frankly speaking, better than Alor Setar airport....heeeheheeee..shhhhhh

Very calm airport huh? you will never feel like being rushed at all :)

A lot of shops, cafes & restaurants located in the terminal building. 'Berkampung' here for 5hrs [prefer waiting my flight at the airport as nothing much I could do around JB...huhuuuu] and didn't get bored at all~~~cheers! :D

But I don't understand, there is a goldsmith shop inside the terminal building and the salesgirl keep saying "beli emas kak, beli emas"....errkkkk....I was on vacation/leisure trip or maybe others on business you care buying that expensive gold? lol

It costs me RM156/way for the taxi fare from Senai airport to Tg Leman Jetty somewhere near to Mersing. FYI, there's no highway all the way to Mersing. The taxi driver took highway from JB and exit at Kulai and drove further towards Kota Tinggi using 1 lane single carriageway road. Huh! Luckily the traffic was smooth and once and a while had to follow like a snail slowly behind the heavy loads lorries and trucks x___x

Surprisingly, my taxi driver didn't talk much. Infact not at all :) Yes!! I like it that way. I don't like talkative taxi driver. Asking you this and that, where and why... Annoying though. A stranger that asking you personal questions. If I take the option of do not 'entertain' the driver, I'm scared if he drops me in the middle of nowhere, charge me double or do the worst I could imagine.....erkkk~~~ sound so paranoid~~~ LOL

Furthermore I was so sleepy like mad. Woke up at 4.15am! Toinkk!! x__x but I can't sleep with the contact lenses in my eyes...huaaarggggg!! T_T

When we reached the jetty exactly 1.5hrs safe and sound, then only
he said "last skali pakcik antar penumpang ke sini ialah 20tahun yang lalu"

me: " wow!!, erkkk... nasib baik saya selamat sampai pakcik...heheeeee"

Tanjung Leman Jetty Terminal. New, clean and convinience. It has KFC! :)

Boat ticket counter under Sibu Island Resort

For self-drive travellers, gated ample parking space available at RM5/day under Sibu Island Resort package.

Early in the morning, I received a call from the resort saying that on that day [friday], only 2 boat trips available; 10am and 1pm instead of every 30minutes as she claimed earlier.

The boat is big, clean and comfy. It fits 50 passengers per trip. But only 12 on us onboard that day :)

I managed to catch the 10am boat. Phewww! I was the second last passenger and the last passengers were 3 handsome german guys who arrived 2minutes after me [ahaaa..ada geng]. Anyway, I've called the resort staff to get the boat wait for me though. I reach the jetty 8minutes after 10am :P

Imagine if I missed the morning boat and waiting the next 3hrs at the jetty to catch the 1pm boat? errrrrkkk o.O I was so 'gedix' to get my feet on the island already...hahahaa

......and to Sibu island the boat took me...vroommm..vrommmm~~~~WeeEEeEEEeEeee

Alhamdulillah! finally arrived at the jetty..tringggg!!!

BTW, in this entry I only posted about my adventurous departure, yummylicious food and friendly animals on the island. Check out my away with fairies resort experience in another post okay. I have too much things to say and too many pictures to share about this, to avoid you guys yawningggg :-O I break it into two posts :) huhuuuu

The food was marvellous. It was a fullboard package and starving was not an option for me :)

Personally, I was looking forward to experience new food on every [breakfast, lunch & dinner]

However, due to less number of visitors on the resort during my check in, buffet only available on weekend and set menu was served during weekdays with a choice of Muhibbah [malay, chinese, indian food set] or Western set beside a la carte menu. It does not matter which set you choose, all served in big portion and delicious ;)

My first lunch on the island. Muhibbah set. On top of this, they do serve salad & soup in buffet. So you could enjoy the appertizer while waiting for your main course set been prepared :)

Western dinner. Grilled seafood. FYI they do not play around on their food plating. They take it seriously to serve you not only delicious meal yet presentable.

Whose favourite is this? Aglio olio spaghetti with grilled fish. Yumm! yummm!

I never like chicken chop, but I gave it a try for lunch and it works very well for me though :)

Breakfast buffet. A choice of rice porridge, nasi lemak, fried mee, beef bacon, french toast, baked beans, omelette, pastries, bread, cereals & grains, salad and fruits. Wow!! again my diet ruined by the

A complete condiments for my all time favourite breakfast~ Rice Porridge.

Everywhere I go, hotel, resort or any place that served buffet breakfast I always start with porridge.

After 'fenat giless berhempas pulas mandi manda di pantai' and having fun on resort activities, imagine that you will be served with something delicious like this? uohh!! :)

Dear my dear,

Opppsss! wrong. Deer my deer :) I love you my deer deerling :D

I think this is the major attraction of the resort. A tame and friendly group of deers roaming freely on the island. They are so cute!!! They sleep, eat, hang out and breed wherever they like. From my 4 days observation [aceh!], they are 2 group of deers and each group has its own leader. A male deer. Old and fiercy look. Dark brown colour and the horn has been cut off for safety reason. But no worries, the deers are so sweet and as long as you have food to feed them [even the forest leaves], they will mingle around you. Amazing!

Pienkcat feeding the gorgeous deer :)

The resort bought originally 18 of them from the Johor Zoo and now they are 33 deers on the resort. According to the resort staff, a momma deer will give birth to the baby deer in the forest. She will keep her baby for at least 1-2 weeks before brought the baby out for 'public viewing' :)

Smart huh? and what a lucky me to had a chance to see the baby deer about 3 weeks of age as the mother brought her to the resort 'jalan~jalan' :) Just like the mother physically, only she is smaller.

and ...........................

I'm dying to share this photo with you guys!


It's definitely not fruits, beans or chocolote that you can eat.

hahahaaaaa....please delete that creative thinking of yours :P
It's deer poops. Eeeeiiii...gross~~~

yeaaa... I know ~.~ but you yourself never thought that deer poop's gonna look like that, aren't you? lol

Similar like rabbit and goat. But no smell....[huh! hahahaaaa] owh! no worries, you will get used to it. The deers are free to 'pupu' and 'pipi' anywhere, infact the poops are everywhere. The resort workers didn't sweep it off, it's kind of fertilizer to the soil; naturally :)

On the hot sunny day, the deers resting under the vacant challet.

The resort feed them twice a day. Once at 8.30 in the morning and dinner at 5.30 in the evening. No one call them to eat, but they know their mealtime well. They just come out from nowhere on their own and gather together around the feeding bucket. Clever deers! after meal, they will just hang out around the feeding area for 30minutes to 1hr before the leader make a move [and followed by the rest] to find them a place to sleep around the island.

She is so pretty and giving me a model

This is so cute. I found deer foot prints on the beach.

Busy eating peanuts :)

Almost all the beach resorts that I've been to, have their own peacocks. So does Sibu Island Resort. Quite a few of them and roam freely around the resort. The male peacocks are so gorgeous!

and almost everyday I could see him showing off its plumage proudly and making a very loud sound trying to attract the female peacocks.

The back view consist of 5 different layers. Amazing bird! Subhanallah :)

Introducing you the pool life guard. I wonder weather she can swim or not o.O

They are goat brothers. Sam and Ram. They are so cute and playful. Born about 1 month ago.

Well, that's the end of the entry, and wow! that was a lot to process though...hahahaaa

Anyway, I do enjoyed the trip and happy with my choice. Now, I could uohhinggg, hemming, aahing happily whenever I think of the resort :)