What to eat? emmmmm....(hate this question!)
NO!..no kfc..
NO! no McD
pizza? emmm...NO! too :P
Nak kluar and eat out dah sampai rumah already...too lazy to drive out...huhuhuuu
Jap...spot check kitchen jap yer.....

AHA!....sumer seem ada..wokeh...get set everyone...here it comes


A vegeterian pie...but im not a vegan, so i add prawn instead...(sebab itu jer i got in my freezer...ahaks!)

The ingredients:

Add olive oil and knob of butter in a pan.
Add onion & bay leaves and stir for few minutes and add carrot.
Taste up with salt and pepper.
Then only add the rest of the ingredients.
Put aside.
Meanwhile boil skinned potatoes with salt and mash up with a knob of butter.
Layer the fried ingredients and add mashed potatoes on top.
Press well and ready to bake for 30-40minutes or until it is set :)
Tara! siap dah...
sedap tak? hey common! of course lah sedap....hahahahaha ^________________^