yang keberapa ekkkk? ^-^*
huh! it does not matter...it just a number anyway. Don't bother unless you are cheese :-P
It was an awesome celebration and great chance to un-wind myself.

I do thought and told my buddies please don't bother to celebrate my birthday this year as I feel not to :-(

But it seems that they are so naugthy and had thrown me a surprise birthday treat...huh! OMG!
They even planned it since last year! ohhhhh...love you guys!!! hugh and kissess from me to all of you...uuuummmmmh!

...and let the journey begin....

Early morning I received a card packed with 1.5days itineraries. They have planned everythings for me! and it's start now!

Treat no. 1: a fabulous 2hrs Balinese aromatherapy body massage at Villamay Spa @ 11am...Ribut, my therapist was just awesome. The treatment comprises floral foot bath, 10minutes jacuzi, full body massage and ended up with body lotion..ooaahhhh! ^-^*

Treat no. 2: After a quick lunch, I headed to KL to check in to my hotel -Nikko Kuala Lumpur...
Oh yeah! it was getting more interesting and more surprises huh! gheeeezzz :-)
and it was an Executive Room ^-^*

Treat no. 3 & 4: After checked-in I just hang out in my room -enjoying every moment I've got. By 6.30pm I was brought to my favourite restaurant -Lemongrass, Shangri-La KL. They were all waiting for me to have a big dinner...oh! and another present for me too (you guys are spoiling me! probably to muchhh) heheheee

Inside the box was a lovely colourful casual long dress...so sweet...
Definitely for a....jeng..jeng..jeng..
We wrapped up the dinner at 9.30pm. Me? back to hotel lah...ZZZZZzzzzzzz :-)

On the next day, after breakfast buffet spread @ Serena Brasserie, while waiting to check out at noon (ohhh... it's going to end soon...)
I chilled out at the pool on the 5th floor... So tropical with beautiful green landscape. I almost forgot that i was on a high rise building.

and...that's all folk :-) ehhh..eh!
....... ttttrrrrrriingggg!

ada lagi lar...Treat no. 5: a free ticket to 4D3N wonderful vacation at Bali! yeeeeeeee! horeyyyyyyy :-P
(still remember the dress that I've got in a box up there? ha! that's my holiday dress lah :-D yeahhhhh!)

To my wonderful buddies -from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you all so much! I've treasured every single moment of it and really appreciate of all the things you have done for me ^-^*