Yeyy!!! aunty baked a deliciously gorgeous rainbow cake with pink buttercream. Owh! my! It was absolutely heaven ^___^

She turns six this year and so hard to believe that she is actually starting big school next year!! how time flies...

I've been planing for weeks to bake this homemade birthday cake and yes I did :)
and here we go, delivering the special birthday cake to a special birthday princess.

Surprise! It's called magic. When 'pienk' touch the cake, it will turn out a rainbow cake! ^___^

Not only was this cake adorable, it was really delicious.

A perfect birthday cake come along with a fun educational birthday present. A great family and friends game; special edition of Saidina with Upin and Ipin themed.

H a p p y B i r t h d a y !