Fewwitt! "terer lar ampa masak butter prawn" - kata cik jah
bukan kami yang kata tau :) Ahaks!

A flavorful prawn dish that combines Malay, Chinese and Indian ingredients. It has to be served immediately or it loses that tasty crunchiness.

The ingredients:

medium-sized prawns  [trimmed, slit back]
1 egg [beaten]
butter or margarine
cooking oil
curry leaves
chopped chilli padi

dash of pepper

Method for Egg Floss:

1) Heat up up oil with 1tbs butter/margerine
2) Slowly pour in the beaten egg bit by bit and PLEASE make sure to KEEP stirring until the mixture form into fine shreds.

3) When the egg floss become golden brown, dish and drain. Put aside.

Method for Butter prawn:

1) Heat up wok, melt 3tbs butter/margerine with oil. Add in curry leaves, chilli padi, seasoning and mix well.

2) Put in prawns and mix well. Dish up and drain off the excess oil. Serve.

Mentalnotes: Cooking the butter prawn is super fast and need attention o.O hence, I managed to snap off only these photos :)