Dear [my] TRX® suspension trainer set, 

I u like asong baby....hahaaa

Yeyyy!!! I've got myself a TRX® Suspension Trainer set! Alhamdulillah.... suker! sebab dah beli dan ada TRX sendiri...heheee
As a result,  I've postponed my dream bike and give a go to this excellent workout set. Despite I'm happy and no regret. I do believe it will motivate me to workout harder and achieve a better result while at home or on holiday. It's so called workout anywhere! I can workout at gym of course, at home, at work [but i'm not dare to...hahaaa], at park and playground, by the beach, at hotel and bla..blaa...blaaa....

It's not cheap though  for just an adjustable black and yellow strap. Pretty pricey as I could get a bike at the same price but consider this as an investment okey :) An investment in [my] health, body and lifestyle...chewahh!

One thing I could share with you cikjah, even though it just a simple strap, but the workout and the result are super amazing!!! Beyond your imagination. Even though I am new to this TRX® workout but after 4 dedicated months, I totally have a great lean muscle, great body balance and super great core strength. Yes! I proud to say that because I've been working out at gym for 6 years now and I am a constant adrenaline junkie who turns up at the fitness club at least twice a week without fail [except fasting]. 

My aim in TRX® is definitely NOT to have  bulky muscle [a BIG no] but just lean muscle. It means I have to get cut and less body fat without getting huge! In order to have that beautiful lean muscle [beside understanding my diet] I am working out with TRX® by using my bodyweight but light and comfortable enough to encourage myself to make many repetitions as my body can take. Repetition with light weight is the key success to lean muscle. It is seriously fun because there are varieties of TRX® unique routines that sometime you didn't think of it. Building lean muscles will not only make me [and you cikjah] looks good, but will give us the added benefit of increasing metabolism, burning more calories and helping lose fat.

The TRX® set comes with DVD, manual and door anchor. 

Chewahh! my first TRX® workout at home using door anchor. Pheww! Berfeluh-feluh.

Okaylah. Get some workout would you cikjah?  No one can have the same gains and losses. Some are just blessed while other just have to train harder. Happy workout!