Hey! you lovely lady!....me?...yes...you!,

♪♫♫ Happy birthday to you! ♫♫Happy birthday to you ♪♫♪♫ Happy birthday to you! ♪♫♪♫ Happy birthday to you! ♪♫♪♫ ☺

Ouwhh! thanks! Yes you are right! It is my birthday ☺ whewww!

Errrrkkk.....before that, this awesome celebration took place nearly two month ago....
Too busy larrrr to post this entry....heheheeee

I feel that I need to defend my joy at growing older. Who say I am too old to celebrate my own birthday? Are you kidding me? I deserve a birthday celebration [at least once a year] as an appreciation, a valuation & appraisal and a recognition of being a great me for this year and counting...lol

Thank you so much for the wonderful celebration. It was wonderful, indeed. Just wonderful!

...and off to Shangri-La I went for 3D2N. Yippiee!!! [again? huh!]

As usual, room was upgraded to executive, complimentary late check out at 5pm and of course with this super awesome view.

I got a present. wawwiiee~~~ Head over heels! Wheeee... Thank you so very much!
Eagerly opened the present box, and ......................................

OMG! OMG! wooohooooo! adding up my Coco collections

Coco Perfume + Body lotion + Hair Mist + MAC cosmetics!

Although I was there to celebrate my birthday. Enjoyed and treasured every moment of it, but I had to work. Huh! This was very unfair o.O Since a day before Mr Boss kept calling me asking about the company trip. Have you got this, have you checked that....arghhhhhh! It was weekend + public holiday and my private time. I was sleeping at 3pm after a long heavy morning workout at gym and the phone rang.  I was in the middle of dinner,  the phone rang.  OMG!  I didn't answer and I received text  "Please answer my call!" with exclamation mark at the back...sigh

Thus, I was working from my hotel room on my birthday retreat. Great!  thank you for the birthday present Boss. I do love it. very much.......................................

One of my  favourite dining is at Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La and usually I had my 'heavy' birthday dinner here. Most of the year but this round,  I had it outside at Tamarind Hill,  5 minutes walk from the hotel and it was super super awesome.
So I stuffed my cute belly with daily breakfast here at the hotel like an elephant...hahahaaaa
and I was confused whether it was a breakfast, lunch or dinner...lol

I like this very much. Cracker, cheese and grapes....yumm..yummmm

Yeahh...I knew it was a birthday holiday, but workout was on as usual. When I said workout,  it meant daily work out okay....

The gym/fitness centre was empty!  Who cares to workout on holiday?  huh!
Hey! I do ☺...............and it feel great..... don't you know that?  You should try next time while you are on holiday.

My morning run. 3.8km for 38minutes. Not bad huh!

The gym instructor. Garang macam askar...but he's nice though...heheheee

Me! the Pienkcat ...heheheee

and ended my gym workout with steam bath and jacuzzi. Owh my! what a bless...

On one of the nights, I had sweet dinner at Scrumptious restaurant. Wheew!
It was a made to order menu. Thank u Chef! It was Delicious!

Starter: Wild mushroom soup

Main course: Beef Steak

Dessert: Hot Choc Lava with ice cream

Wheeeee......Sekian citer hari jadi saya...heheheee
It was absolutely beautiful!