Perfect! the driver warded went for minor op, despatch on leave till weekend; need long rest katanya [padahal, baru jar long weekend kan?], mr Bos is abroad and communicating with him every night after office hours via e-mails/texts sorting office works, and earlier today mr bos's wife called and complained why the driver always mc~~~how do i know? great! ~~~.T

huh! luah feeling skejap.....
As salam & good day everyone! [aceh! macam lar ada ramai sangat kannnn...ahaks!]

Lama tak tulis~tulis kat sini :-/
Been super super busy lately -_- Too many things need to handle, organize and do! o.O arghhhhhhhhhhh
Trying so hard to manage & arrange every single thing!

However, in between that, Pienkcat baru jar celebrate birthday yang ke............... dengan meriah dan bestnya! Wheeeeeww! :))) Super fabulous !!!!!
Tapi tak leh citer lagi, sebab pienkcat bz ni!! nak bernafas pun seda-sedak  :(

Currently is working hard to organize a big trip for everybody at office..huh! and I'm doing A to Z by myself! [like a travel agent...but the gojes one & fully commited...heheeee] well, you know....when I say big means board of directors, their families & kids, employees and their families.....urmmmmmm.....bukan macam trip cik jah and cik yam jar....hat ni ada ramai & macam~macam kepala [blum campur lagi kaki komplen yang tak sedar dek untung dapat free trip tapi tatap mulut longkang nak komplen jer!]

Okey then, I've got only 5 minutes for this....till I write again :)
errrkkk! by the way work first internet later

cheerssss! :))