Disgusting & grossssssss!!!!

I was waiting inside the car in front of the restaurant at front passenger seat. I can see a couple of man and a women enjoying their dinner happily inside the said restaurant as they were seating facing to the car park. The distance is about 10m away.

Suddenly, what on earth a good looking woman, nice hair do and with up to date dressing MENGOREK GUDAL (sisa makanan) yang terlekat di celah2 gigi selepas makan right in front of a man!
I am not sure wheather the guy is actually her bf/husband or maybe just a friend. But! it does not matter who he is..why so f**k up doing such a no manners thing in front of another person?
Moreover in front of a guy.....ohh gheeeezeee...such a stupit idiot lady :(

Not only once, but she did that for almost 5minutes...she keeps repeating putting the fingers and almost the entire hand into her mouth to grabbed the left over food within her teeths....whhhooohooooo @___@
(i feel like to throw up while writing this @##$%&^%$$#)

Sometimes, we just don't realize our manners. We never care & bother on small tiny little things that actually represent our personality.
Well, I am not bragging of course! I admit that me myself not a perfect person, but at least i tried and keep trying hard to be the one :)