They are all grown up now!

Bird nest fern

Grows best in partial shade with dappled sunshine. However, it can tolerate full shade or full sun [gradually acclimatize it, otherwise the leaves get burnt by the sun].  Here at my home, they grow on their own.  I've adopted bunch of them since baby.  The spores were spread by the wind and they absolutely have found the perfect place to stay!

Care:  Quite easily maintained with minimal care.  All it need is enough filtered sunshine and watering as well as monthly fertilizing which is optional.  Keep their compost moist and provide the highest humidity possible.  Do give an occasional shower on their fronds to keep them healthy from dust and retain their apple green sheen. Remove old, brown and damaged leaves at base to maintain their loveliness. They can grow to a very very large size!

Ruflle fern

Care:  Plant in humus soil and keep the soil evenly moist all the time.  Grown in low light and they need humidity.

Boston Fern

This fern I propagated from the mother fern. Quite well established now.  Most important is to keep soil constantly moist. Watch large ferns and hanging basket ferns because they can dry out quickly.

Look at them when first planted and transferred to the baby pots on 2nd July 2011. How time flies.....they are all grown up now... heheheeee