Once a while I walk  my  adorable LV cat outside on a harness.
Well ,  don't get me wrong.  I know that you can't walk your cat like a dog because cat should be let walk outside at her own pace.  Cat is very hard to walk with.  She definitely will walk me out tho.....hahahaaa
If  I try to guide her to walk around  she will simply refuse to budge and start hissingggg......huh !
And this gojes LV cat is so so lazy to walk.  She walks a few steps and rest the whole day !
As I keep telling cikjah that my cat is an indoor cat that does not walk outside.  Hence I  do  give her some entertainment reward  by taking  her on outside walk to enjoy the nature.   She likes to eat grass.    The only thing is I do not have a confident to let her walk outside on her own.......
Supervision and wearing a harness is a  must.

Boredom causes bad behaviour in cats.   But when outside cats can watch birds ,  sniff  grasses and bushes  and enjoy fresh air.
" having fun sweetie ? "

She likes to sit with eyes spying and inspecting every details  around.

The most enjoyable moment to her ------ Eating grass moment

" Wait.  I hear something... is that a bird ? "

Look at her ears.  When something catches her attention the ears become more erect and she is ready to investigate the source of the noise.  If without the harness, pofff! she is out of my sight....erkkkk

Walking and fresh air help relieve stress  and will make my darling cat more stress tolerant.....grrrrr

In her scratching post.  Time to scratch !