Before I go further I want to say this loud and clear::::


Is that loud enough? muehehee
Wokey goes the story...
Remember that last week I did share about my 1.5hrs special RPM™ class? yeaaa...this week infact yesterday, I made it again! horeyyy! It was Special class Le Tour De France. 2 hours with 22 song tracks nonstop. WEeeEeeeeee

It may sound easy but if you do not have the stamina & motivation to cycle nonstop for 2hrs with various resistance, seated & standing climb, speeding flat road and etc just forget it! huhuuuuu
At first, me myself as well feel like I can't do this. It is too hard for me. Although I've been doing work out at gym for 4 years constantly, but still I think twice lol
I don't have enough guts to kill myself...HAHAAAAA :)

And the most special is I have a chance to meet & once again cycling with one of my fav inctructor whom I learn to RPM in the first place, Ben Sim :)
I still remember that 4years back when k.tah asked me to joint the rpm class which I felt so reluctant to joint (coz I were so scared..eeii), Ben Sim was the instructor at that time. As usual, the instructor will ask is there any new comer in the rpm class, please put up your hand and I just pretended I did not hear the question...too shy to admit that it was my first rpm class...hahahaha silly me :)

But, at the end of the class, I knew that I had fall in with this most calories burning class. But then, I only had a chance to cycle with Ben Sim for about a year before he transferred to another fitness branch ~.~ but still I cycle until today :)

Back to the 2hrs class → → Again, that keti busuk nyonya 'steal' my bike. huh!!
The Q for bike registration started at 5.45pm! OMG! and I was there at 6pm...huhhhh

They are all inclusive me are crazy addicted RPMers lol...We will do anything to joint our favourite class...hahahahah
Personally, I really enjoy the class, I felt so strong and motivated thru out the 2hrs.

It was fun and awesome work out. I all the 22 songs used by the instructors and really really ♥♥ when he ended the class with strecthing song HOME by Michael Buble. My fav song! Aahhhhh..I just feel like I need to go home after a fantastic work out. WeeEEeeeee~~~~

Welldone Pienkcat!!