It's a weekend cook! Yeah!...dah lama tak masak this dish-Nasi Daging. A very simple meal yet sooooo deliciousss!

Again another special dish from Kedah. Normally, you can enjoy this superlicious meal only at wedding feast. Sebab kalau kenduri @ Kedah, selalunya tuan rumah akan sembelih lembu barang seekor 2. So, fresh meat tu dibuat nasi daging, dicicah air asam dan disirami kuah dalcha. OMG! sedapnya :-P

Now, let's cook dalcha.

The ingredients:

Curry powder, blended onion + garlic, chilli paste, curry leaves, shallots & garlic.

The veges - carrot, zuchini, long bean, tomato, red+green chilies, brinjal & Dhal
The meat - chicken or beef at your choice

The Method:

It's ready!