The date 12-12-12 is said as a beautiful calender number.
It is beautiful indeed to receive a beautiful and lovely flowers!...

a beautiful and huge teddy!...

a beautiful big dinner at my fav place after my workout routines at gym...aha! 
[this one don't tell my gym instructor okie...Wink!]

and a beautiful and adorable cat stapler...eeuuwww! love all these so much! Thank you :)

Can't really wait for the stargazers to working desk is so wangi right now...they are always my favourite flowers ever!
Owh ya!, Kami memang rajin every time dapat hand bouquet mesti buka pastu arrange nicely in a vase. Kami tak suka bila dapat hand bouquet pastu digantung hingga kering dan dibiar sampai berhabuk piang...hahaa

Day 4 - my stargazers in full bloom :)

My entire house smell like the Shangri-La...eeeuwww!!

and Shaun has a new friend to lepak with at home...yippiee!!!