I am an adrenaline junkie. I love working out. I guess I'm addicted to it. It's a good addiction anyway. ;)

It took only one button to trigger me six years ago and it freaked me out! Really really freaking me out. I couldn't put on S size dress when fitting at the mall...okay fine. At least M is acceptable even though it was hard...huh! But when I couldn't fit in M size...that was hazard! Die. That was the sign. It was a wake up call. Yuuhuuu! hello!! wake up!!!

I didn't wait long, I fixed an appointment with one of the best fitness centre in town. Choosing the right gym wasn't difficult at all six years ago. Not many choices available and here I am, still keeping my fitness routines and totally proud of myself. Welldone Pienkcat! Hats off to me...Yippiee!!

In six remarkable years I've spent more than RM11k for my fitness lifestyle and counting. Personally for me it is a hefty amount to invest but it is absolutely a valuable investment. Who doesn't like to have a healthy, fit, excellent stamina and endurance, lean muscles, good looking and toned hourglass body? The bonus is stress-LESS! Tapi apalah sangat jika dibandingkan jumlah yang sama dengan orang yang melabur duit beli rokok semata-mata untuk membunuh diri dan memiliki tubuh badan yang rosak yer dakk???

I've been as a loyal RPM-er for six years and a dedicated TRX-er for exactly 1 year now.  I understand my body and we treating each other well. In return I have so called (I would say) a strong core and  a flat abs....Eeuuwwww! Tak payah buang duit nak pakai korset mahai-mahai tapi hasilnya blum tentu efektif dan telan pelbagai ubat semata-mata untuk kurus tapi tak juga kurus-kurus...hehee [selalu terfikir, macam mana tak payah workout tapi bleh kurus dengan hanya memakai korset? Will it last in the next 3, 5, 10 years? hurrmmmm.......]

Wake up now cikjah!  rock your body and remember that you are just a step away from a good mood. Happy work out! Wink!!