My english kitchen is now officially open! ^__^
Today, i made another yummylicious recipe; roast beef with spagetthi..yumyumm
Don't believe it?  Ask my darling meow-meoww...she stops meooow for the entire day coz of the yummy smell...hahahah

It's sunday and as usual, malas-malass mode at home... been thinking to cook spagetthi since few days back, but just got no time...eeemmm...Woke up this morning and defrost the beef..Able to marinated for about 40minutes...(tak leh tunggu lama lagi...lapaq! hahahah). Then bake in an oven for 1.5hrs (pretty normal... Malaysian loves well done meat)

In a pan, saute garlic & onion in olive oil and butter until fragrant. Add tomatoes and roast beef sauce together with salt & pepper for taste.

Add spagetthi, basil and english herbs (optional) and mix well for 5minutes.
...and it's done!  A simple, savory and stir-fry fast dish yet super tasty!

Plating the spagetthi and served with sliced roasted beef. The beef was so juicy and tender...yumyumm!
Seriously i tell that this is the most delicious spagetthi i've ever taste in my life! wow!
that was sooooooo mega statement there! lol
yeaaa...and it was real too :) thumbs up to me!
Don't even bother to compare it with the one at the restaurants or hotels....way too far..mine is the best...huhuhu..and i know coz i made it ^__________^

And as my habit, i always put aside all my kitchen waste for my plants :)
Do nothing,  just throw them into your pot and it will fertilize your plant in natural way.