Horeyyy!!! See my books up there? hahaha ;D
Waiting its turn to be read by me....Im extremely happy with all these collection sebab dah almost 2months im out of supplies.

My fav book shop at 1U dah tutup...huhuhu...and I found another great store at Amcorp Mall ;)
Apalagi, cek borong sumer buku ni untuk bacaan waktu senggang ^_____^

And these two are special gift from k.tah. She grabbed these at KLIA...maybe sebab tak tahan dok dengaq cek dok mumbling pasai i got nothing to read...yeaahhh! Thanks a bunch to k.tah!
(kalo abih nih, beli yang baru lagi ek? huhuhu)

Currently, im reading Rage of Angels by Uncle Sid...whooot whooot! Fantastic boombastic story. I love the characters of Jennifer Parker, Adam Warner & Michael Moretti...goshhh! :D
Will let u guys know about it whenever I wrap it over ok?

To all of you....what are you reading currently? OR when the last time you read a book?
hahahaha....let's figure out ^___^