What? Yet another round vacation in Bali? huh?! Yeap! no doubt about it. Bali is such a wonderful, quiet, tranquil, serene and beautiful places to unwind...at least for myself. I don't know for you out there, but I've got everythings in this romantic island...and precisely my fav place is UBUD - a remarkable town in the middle of the island of Bali. For more than a century, it has been the island's preeminent centre for fine arts, dance and music. While it once was a haven for scruffy backpackers, cosmic seekers, artists and bohemians, Ubud is now a hot spot for literati, glitterati, art collectors and connoisseurs. Famous names walk its busy sidewalks everyday. Elegant five star villas, hotels and sprawling mansions now stand on its outskirts, overlooking the most prized views in Bali. Nonetheless, Ubud is still popular with backpackers, mystics and all the finest fringe elements of global society. Ubud is not "ruined". Its character is too strong to be destroyed. It still draws people who add something; people who are actively involved in art, nature, anthropology, music, dance, architecture, environmentalism, "alternative modalities," and more.
Again, this is kind of returning to my previous villa of last year - Ubud Village Resort & Spa. Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport, the driver was already there waiting to pick me up. Putting myself inside the new clean & comfy MPV, I was treated with cold towel and a bottle of mineral water.

Tiredness of 3hrs flight and 1hr drive from Denpasar to Ubud has faded away when I reached the Resort...ARrrghhhhh! what a relief!!! This is what I imagined for the past few months. Having myself standing in Ubud sorrounded with wonderful gamelan music that filling the air, running happily towards my villa and watching lovely frangipani greeting my arrival gracefully, cycling through the terraces of paddy fields with white herons and grey countryside ducks walking in line and of course the dancing fingers on my body with wonderful aroma of herbal scrub.....whoooooaaaa...I'm flying away.....aaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ^_^*

Hey...Come on! wake up! I'm already here :-)

Walkway to my villa

This round, I was given Villa Banjar Kangin 222. Much better than last year's villa, Banjar Kangin 215. Maybe because this round the package cost me USD960++ :-P

More spacious with lush tropical private garden, bigger private plunge pool, 2 gazebos with outside dining table and I have my own frangipani trees unfortunately I missed its bloom season :-(
Could u imagine wake up in the morning facing all these beautiful things in the fresh cold morning air?Private villa entrance

Private garden

My villa viewed from the Restaurant

Walkway from the back

On my last day, while waiting for shuttle van at Ubud Village Hotel (sister's hotel to Ubud Village Resort) I met the owner of this chain resort for the second time, Pak Agus (His family also owns the Komaneka Resort)

Great! He invited me for lunch and I said that I just had and he insisted to have afternoon tea at the resort later, but unfortunately I'm rushing back to resort to catch my airport transfer. I'm leaving! whuaaa..huaaa

Maybe next time ya Pak, we can sit down and discuss for marking down the package price :-P heheee....

Main pool

This time, I already decided not to have any sight seeing since I already had it once last year. Just relax, relax and relax.
I rented this auto bike for RM12.50 (Rp.35k)/day to explore within Ubud for 2 days. Very convinient, saving a lot of my time and I can go further up till Tegallalang area. About 10km away from Ubud. With Rp5k (rm1.70) fuel it lasting for 2 days.

Gheeezeeeez...that was the actual idea. Ha! I wanted to shop direct from the manufacturer at Tegallalang. Magnificient shops stretching along the road left and right with damn cheap price!

I guess I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Ketut (normal nickname based on family ranking - just like Msian Along, Angah, Maksu etc).

Personally I treasure every little things about english style. While searching for the right shop, I found this gorgeous hand made wood craft shop. Apa lagi...boronglah! And Ketut was kind enough to pack all my things. Infact, I just dropped whatever I had bought from other shops to her and she'll pack everythings for me in nice boxes :-)

It needs 2 big boxes to fit all my purchases :-P

Actually, I wanted to buy more but thinking of difficulty of carrying it back home plus excess luggages and custom check I had to cut my needs down :-( maybe next time huh!
I had 5kg extra luggage and had to pay Rp225k (rm80).

And, all these are now placed nicely in my home :-)..so satisfied!
except for the vintage panels. Found the shop on last minute and had no time to custom made order. The young and creative owner -Dharmawan need at least 3days for custom order. Having said so, I just grabbed the ready stock which gave me not much option but still gorgeous though :-)

Typical shops along Monkey Forest Road, Ubud

It was nice to shop at Ubud Market. Infact it is a main attraction at Ubud. You could get all sort of things here and with your good bargain skills you can get lovely things at cheaper price. But caution! Ubud Market is not cheap like previous years anymore :-(

It happenned to me twice where I asked for a casual straw bag and the seller told me Rp500k (rm180) Damn crazy!!! (I could get Carlo Rino/Guess handbag at discounted price @ Isetan...huhuuuu) No bargain! I walked away and cursed him. A lot!

and I found the same bag at different shop few step ahead at only Rp100k (rm35). Can u see that? huh!

Few Ubud market photos:

Beautiful painting shops can easily be found around Ubud

They sell all western dresses :-P

Typical cafe/restaurant scattered around Ubud (non-halal of course). Among the famous one is Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck), Cafe Wayan and etc.

I love this set. I have my house full of cats (oh! I love cats!) and now I'm collecting Ayam!
Aren't they so damn cute? :-)
Must buy items. Rm25/CD.

It's my habit to have "Holiday Book" on each and every of my holiday. Unfortunately my fav secondhand bookshop at 1U has been closed down. Not only that particular branch, but the owner had put the business to the end :-(
Luckily, there is a used bookshop at Ubud. Last minutes stop and I'm so happy to add my Sidney Sheldon's collection.
Towards the end of my holidy, I had 2hrs body massage+scrub at the resort...Whoaaaa lovely! I had fun and smelled herbal for the next 2days.