Yeah! Currently I'm reading this... love this book! Brand new hardcover copy bought at only RM35 at Payless Bookshop 1U. After 3 weeks sitting on my console table (waiting its turn after finishing the "Summer Light", finally... I've got a chance to flip the pages :-).. what an awesome story!

This novel is about 3 doctors- Paige, Kat and Honey. As the name suggest all of them are female doctors as Sidney Sheldon novels always has a female lead character.

All the 3 of them are very different but are linked together in a professional and personal life together. They all work in Embarcadero County Hospital. Since they are the only 3 female doctors they become friends on the first day itself.

Paige Taylor is a beautiful, dedicated and a determined doctor who became a doctor due to his father who worked as a doctor all around the world in WHO. She wanted to be a doctor to help people and not to earn money. But fate brings her in such a position that it seems that she killed a man for money. She is in love with Jaison who tries to save her.

Kat Hunter is a beautiful black doctor who has had a very rough and a bad past due to her stepfather. She swore she would never let a man near her until she gets involved in a deadly bet that almost kills her. She falls for the man that tries to kill her. She is a headstrong and has a vulnerable looks. She is asked on dates by almost all the doctors of that hospital.

Honey Taft is a girl who is average looking and an introvert. She was born in a family of over achivers and she felt like a looser. She wanted everyone to be happy and she changed her life for that. One incident changed her life so much that from a wall flower she became the most popular girl in the school.She was not selfish and had a huge heart. She was very emotional and knew how to handle people very well. She almost shuts down the hospital.

Three different friends in a life-death situation..A must read novel for all the Sidney lovers.

As usual, almost all novels by Sidney Sheldon will be filmed or adapted as drama series. This one has been turned into miniseries and acted by 3 gorgeous women Brooke Shield, Vanessa Williams and Gail O'Grady.

Happy reading! :-)