I was called to review the awesome write up on StarMetro dated 30th December 2008 by Zukri Valenteno who grew up with a strict military man for a father.

What he wrote is absolutely right 110%, very true and no doubt at all! I totally agreed with him. Yeah! Eventhough I'm not from a military based family, but thanks to both my mum and dad who abviously create who am i today :-)

Actually, I've posted a similar entry in my blog months before... yeah, talking about manner...well, it's a good thing to share. Why not we share it together?

No doubt that our upbringing style and education given (by parents and family) will reveal everythings about our attitude and what kind of family we come from.

What he said was "well-mannered folk seem to be few and far between in KL these days, even if the younger generation is included" - pedas tu. Tajam menikam kalbu. But it's a fact! May be he tries to narrow the scope of community by focusing on KL folk. Hakikatnya, di mana-mana juga adalah sama.

Firstly, he said about Malaysians' eating habits. "Most of us (excluding the writer and myself of course!) still emit funny noises when chewing our food, slurp our drink and soup" and additional point from myself which i hate most is talking with mouth full! Yarckkkk!!! oblivious to the sensitivities of others in an eatery. Beside that do take not about burping direct to some one else face. Come on! excuse and turn away your face please! Huh goshhh! stupid and penghotoq! At this point, I wonder where's the brain goes? It's a very simple thing to do yet some of us can't practice it :-( and another thing is leaving the left over food on the table! (not on the plate, once again on the table!). huh! disgusting!!!

Additional to that, I do realize and always seen people (especially ladies either eating with BF or hubby, men no need to tell lar, dah azali) putting their fork and spoon 'terkangkang' on the empty plate after a meal. OMG! as i always said, pretty face, branded outfit & great make up but table manner is out! - ayyyoo! shame-shame to yourself :-(

That's only eating style, haven't see the room or house yet..ntah2 terkangkang macam sudu garpunya jugak...hem...

In a simple understanding "our eating habits tell everything about ourselves".

Personally, all the above are basic etiquette that we are supposed to have learnt in school and at home. So, for those who fail to perform this simple and logic well mannared attitude, I just wonder which school they go and who are their families? ;-?

Secondly, he also said that " there are also folk who are impatient to the point of being restless while waiting in a queue, and standing so near behind a person making transactions at an automated teller machine, to the point of being too close for comfort for the latter".

Correct rite? Do you guys stand toooo close to the person in front of you at the atm machine? If you did, please change that bad habit. Do you like if people do the same to you? huh! :-P

Thirdly, "some do not even bother to line up; they prefer to cut queue - like the infamous KL drivers who think nothing of driving on the road shoulder during traffic snarls" and after that cause trouble to other drivers just to give them way at the front queue. No way that I'm going to do that to this bull***t drivers! yeaah...i know..if we don't give them way, sure they will bully back or even worst they will follow you extremely close from the back which we will feel very unpleasant :-( Hope they will meet with an xcident at simpang depan! :-O

Fourthly, a normal scene at cinema - "talking loudly and relating the story-line of an on going movie and scratching the popcorn pack until the bottom line" come on! have some respect to others please..if you buy your ticket, so do i! what do you expect? go back and watch tv at home lar!

and finally, "there are some kurang ajar folk who spit loudly in mamak shops, laugh mockingly and generally behave obnoxiously at a diner and smoke in the non-smoking section of a restaurant, in a lift! or a public place".

Hemm...are you any one of the above? well, hope it's not too late to change for your good sake, your children, of course for Malaysian.

If you are none of the above and a well mannered person or even better- congrats and welldone to you! Hope this good attitude could be extanded to your entire families and friends :-)

Think no more. It is so simple - what you do tell everythings about yourself :-)