Picnic! the best thing to do on weekend. This time bring Ayana & Jay picnic and fishing @ my favourite park. This is my jogging track on weekend if no raining. Or else jog on treadmill, but no fun leeii :-P

Usually take these kids to malls & restaurants, but today wanted to give them something new & fun to feel, explore & enjoy themselves...

Enjoy giler dua budak mat salleh ni... Excited and talkative...macam kerepek

We caught few small tiny fish but let it go to its family before we left...

Ayana is sharing tips with her brother Jay how to catch a fish

Jay screening for big fish using his spiderman eyes..go Jay go!

It's eating time! Light snack in between fun! We had sandwiches, potato chips, crackers, apples, oranges and drinks.

We had fun today :-) (-:
We will be back with Sophea, Qasriena & Siyona sooooon :-D