hallo? anyone home? hallo?
huh! dah nak bersawang dah blog nih..heheeehe..bz lar :-
so..apa story ni weih? ntah..hemmm 8-`

citer pasal concert 3Diva lah..ok? citer bersawang last year..but sweet memory untill this moment..peduli haper kan..my blog..my story lar :-P
tapi mesti dengki punyalah korang..hihihihi

Was watching tv that one particular nite, suddenly came accross Muzik @ Ria..tengok2 camtu jer.Then Hani announced 1 contest.Kalo menang dapat backstage+concert ticket jumpa KD! Uthe & Titi :-O whoooooaaaaaa. I love KD so muchhh! my fav singer!I have all her albums. Original of course...
Siapakah 3Diva dan mengapa anda harus dipilih untuk memenangi pertandingan ini?

kacang jer ;-)

Esok tu lupa pun nak e-mail the answer. After 2 days baru tingat..sajer jer lar e-mail. Salah e-mail plak tu..antar jer to 2-3 different address. kalo dapat, dapat lar.. Tak payah pikir2 pun how to answer the Q. Tulis sekali jer..jeng..jeng..jeng..

Kepada penerbit Muzik@ Ria,

Janganlah "KELIRU" untuk "PILIHLAH AKU" kerana "TAK AKAN ADA CINTA YANG LAIN" dapat mengatasi minatku terhadap ketiga-tiga diva yang luar biasa ini!!!

Pastinya aku akan MENGHITUNG HARI menunggu detik 25 Mac ini kerana MEMORI yang bakal diukir oleh SANG DEWI bertiga ini nanti!

Whooaaaaa! hoyeee..hoyeee...terrer? all those blue highlighted are hit songs of the 3 Divas :-) brilliant? hehehe...

I think 4-5days after that, I received a phone call. Nasib baik hangkat..sebab kalo unrecognized number normally I won't pickup the call. It was Nadia from Astro. AP for Muzik @ Ria and she was telling me that I won the contest with another 2 winners. OMG! I'm so thrilled, excited and it was a goose bumps moment!!!

Each winner is allowed to bring 1 partner..sapa lagi..i bawa kaktah lar..suker dia :-)
It was on 24th March 2007. First, we were suppossed to meet them up at the Palace of Golden Horses for an interview. Plan changed on last minute disebabkan nak beri laluan to Sultan Brunei. Baginda mencemar duli and flew to KL just to meet up the 3Divas personnally before the concert..Whooooaaa! and we headed to Putra Stadium @ Bkt Jalil for a full dress rehearsal. It was fun & great! For the first time I met the famous Indonesian singers in person-Kris Dayanti, Ruth Sahayana & Titi DJ. Wow! A warning- not only a meeting but hugs, kissess and warm friendly hellos.
Kris is so damn gorgeous! with slightly dark skin, medium size just like me :-P But really pretty. It was her birthday that day. When i first saw her my Q was "Kris, can I hug u?" of course I could.. then I cried! huhuuhuuu..(FYI - tengok iklan pun i bulih nangis) happy lar.

Ruth is so fair & very nice skin complextion! petite size and damn gorgeous and so does Titi DJ but with 6feet height. Kaktah sang her fav song by Kris "Mengenangmu"... duet with Kris...so sweet...
We spent only 20minutes taking photos & chit chat due too tight schedule of the Divas, (they were rushing to MBPJ stadium for special appreance at AF concert -Candy sang their song -'Semua Jadi Satu'.
..and that was the day b4 the concert. On the concert day, 25th March 2007 we arrived early at Putra Stadium for tv recording. Yasmin Hani was away so we were replacing her to host the slot for the concert. I was on tv lor :-D
The stadium was so crowded. A lot of local celebrities and VIPs. Among them were Dr Mahathir & Mak Mah, Siti & Dato K, Camelia, Ziana Zain, Sheila Majid and many more. 3-5 busess arrived full with Indonesian fans who flew from Jakarta just for the concert. 2hrs concert seem like 20minutes. Gempak & dahsat giler! Everythings was superb. Right from the stage setting & gimmick, lighting, audio & sound and choices of songs & music arrangement & of course their outfits..awesome! Salute the 3Divas as well as the orchestra pimpinan Pak Erwin Gutawa. So impressed with the 3Divas energy and professionalism and commitment to make the concert a history! fantastic live vocal thru out the concert. 3Divas are fabulous..their vocal proved how divas are they. The songs they sang was uncountable! too many songs that night and i enjoyed myself so much!

and that is why they deserve to be called the Diva! the 3 Divas!