I had delicious Thai dinner at Kinnaree Restaurant located at Jaya One, PJ recently. An authentic Thai dishes that screwed up my daily caloric intake...hahaaa

A decent setting restaurant nestled quietly in a happening dining oasis of Palm Square at Jaya One.
It has quite interesting menu choices but not quite perfect though as I found the gravy for Beef Green Curry is too thick and tasteless. It was served on a flat dish plate instead of in a bowl as commonly served for any gravy dishes.  The deep fried boneless Grouper with sweet and spicy tamarind sauce is awesome. The fish was fresh, juicy and sweet but the sauce was super too little. Until at certain stage, I felt like eating ordinary fried fish without any sauce. Luckily the fish itself was good...uh!
A little bit more sauce won't hurt the fish, I guess...or maybe they should remove the word 'sauce' from the dish name.
Other than that all the dishes I carefully chose were great and delicious! especially...

... Mieng Kham ; the Thai appetizer and

a refreshing Pamelo Salad. Yumm yummm!!

Although, I personally think that the waiters and waitresses are quite rough as their action delivering orders and clear up the table attested my opinion. The waitress just took the empty plates from my table without asking or at least give a sign or she could just simply say "may I". The waiter delivered food to my table by just placed it at the edge of my table and walked away...errkk!

The waitress that took orders from several other patrons and myself talked / explaining / recommending dishes too loud like she was talking in a huge hall...uh! She didn't even repeat my order and missed out one of the dish....Erkkk! They also had loud friendly co-workers conversation among them at the kitchen window and beverage area. Hence, it makes me felt like dining at cheap Kopitiam restaurant  x___x whereas paying bill like dining at Shangri-La Hotel.....LMAO
Well, sorry to say but all these simple and basic manners and attitudes are important and a must especially if you are dealing in service industries  ^_____^

It was so unbelievable when the waitress hold my appetizer plate and asked to clear it from my table although she saw with her barely eyes that I only ate 30% of it!  O.O  Uh!uh!....of course I said 'No, thank you, just leave it there'.
I intentionally stopped eating the appetizer because all the main dishes [except the missed out salad] were already on my table and I don't want them to be left cold.
Come on! It doesn't mean when main course already on the table you are forbidden from taking the appetizer or entree...

But I must give credit to one of the waitress that really paid attention and asked me whether to pack
the unfinished dishes :)

Even though I was quite full but making room for the delectable Thai desserts was not a problem at all! hahaaaa
I had this delicious warm pandan sticky rice with fresh and sweet manggo and ice-cream. WeeEeeee.... and also a delicious Red Ruby.
It was a good experience dining at Kinnaree. Well, will I be back? urrmm..........let me think okay...

Owh ya!, I am not sure whether there is a public parking with common parking rate at Jaya One. I circled the entire block twice and coudn't find any. Left with no choice, I had to use the valet parking; RM8/entry  which the attendant could not even write my car number correctly on the parking card..huh!